New Student Orientation
August 23-28, 2018

Orientation sets the tone, direction, and support for new students beginning their journey at Wheaton.  Intentional programs provide opportunities to begin developing lifelong friendships, to anticipate the privilege of liberal arts learning, to serve together in the City of Chicago, and to just have fun with new friends and classmates from the Class of 2022.

Orientation 2018 schedule

Orientation Committee 2018 is preparing to welcome new students to the Wheaton Community!  Orientation is filled with special events to help you acclimate to our community, get settled into your college residence, prepare for classes, and connect with peers and new lifelong friends.  Find out what's in store for you!

Orientation Arrival Information

Several Orientation programs begin before the Opening Program actually takes place, so be sure to check out the early arrival information to confirm what date you need to arrive on campus. 

The days and weeks ahead are sure to stir in you a variety of questions about Orientation at Wheaton.  The FAQs section is a great resource for any Frequently Asked Questions about Orientation Week.