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Wheaton Passage at HoneyRock

Launch your Wheaton College experience with friends, fun, and a jump start on credit!

Why Wheaton Passage?

Wheaton Passage is Wheaton College's new student transition program that is specifically designed to help students ...

  • Make friends with other new students
  • Build relationships with upperclassmen
  • Be mentored by Wheaton College faculty

By participating in one of our four Passage experiences, new students will quickly form friendships, connect with faculty, and capture a vision for life at Wheaton. In fact, research shows that college transitional programs, like Passage, improve students' overall college experience. Second to dorm life at Wheaton, students make the most friends at Passage.

Four Passage Tracks - Dates & Tuition

Not every student (or summer schedule!) is the same - that's why we offer four different tracks to launch your Wheaton College experience. There is $100 is due at the time of registration. The remaining $695 will be reflected on your Fall Tuition Bill.

Click the track title below to get a glimpse into each unique experience:

Track Dates Registration Fee Fall Tuition Packing List (PDF)
Wilderness       August 5-20, 2020        $100   $695  

provided May 2020

Urban   August 8-20, 2020   $100   $695   provided May 2020
Northwoods   August 12-20, 2020   $100   $695   provided May 2020
Equestrian   August 12-20, 2020   $100  



provided May 2020 

students sitting around campfire at honeyrock in three lakes, wi

Offset the Cost of Passage

Are finances keeping you from considering the Passage experience? Contact Rachael Botting at passage@wheaton.edu for more information.

Email Rachael For Information

HoneyRock offers four distinct options for your Passage experience - each has one-of-a-kind opportunities and offers unique experiences. Explore the different tracks to see which might be the best fit for you!

Dates: August 5-20, 2020 | Program Fee: $795 | No wilderness experience necessary!

Your wilderness immersion experience will take you on one of these four amazing adventures:

  • Sea kayaking around the Apostle Islands of Wisconsin
  • Canoeing in the Boundary Waters of Minnesota
  • Backpacking in the Sawtooth Mountains of Minnesota
  • Rock climbing on the North Shore of Minnesota

Dates: August 8-20, 2020 | Program Fee: $795

Urban Passage will take you right into Chicago where you will reside at Wheaton College's Urban Studies facility located in Woodlawn - one of Chicago's most diverse communities. Dedicated to community service, you will interface with different organizations that are ministering throughout the city. Living in community and serving others will become the basis for the close friendships you will form through this unique Wheaton College experience.

Dates: August 5-20, 2020 | Program Fee: $795

Based out of HoneyRock, you will become immersed in the world of horses and equestrian training while you transition into Wheaton College. With the beauty of the Northwoods surrounding you, you will participate in a variety of horsemanship activities such as arena classes, trail rides, and ground-training skills. While involved in these experiences, you will form close friendships with your peers and leaders.

Dates: August 12-20, 2020 | Program Fee: $795

Settling into HoneyRock, you'll be surrounded by the beauty and majesty of the Northwoods. This residential experience brings you into close community by living and sharing life with 7-9 small group members. Enjoy the beauty of Long Lake with activities such as hiking, canoeing, biking, watersports and much more while you build friendships with peers and upper-class students.

Earn Academic Credit with Passage

Passage is a 2-credit course. All students who are enrolled in Passage are automatically enrolled in CFM 131: Introduction to Spiritual Formation (you do not need to register for this class with the Registrar - we will do it for you).

Course Fee

The course fee is $795 total, $100 of which is taken at the time of registration. The remaining $695 is included in the Fall tuition bill and can be rolled into your payment plans.

Course Texts

This course requires 12-24 hours of pre-course work. Students are required to purchase hard copies of the following books.*

  1. Embracing the Love of God by James Bryan Smith (either edition). Purchase a hard copy through the Wheaton College bookstore or Amazon.
  2. Wheaton Passage Workbook, 2020 version. This workbook contains the course syllabus, a student checklist, and various readings and assignments. Purchase a hard copy on the Kendall Hunt website by searching "Passage" - make sure to buy the 2020 version! 

*If you are an international student with an address outside of the US or Canada, please email passage@wheaton.edu for instructions on how to order these books. 

** Did you sign up for Passage within 4 weeks of the start date? You might consider purchasing an ebook to get a head start on work while you wait for your hard copy to arrive.

Pre Course Work: Students will need to complete the Wheaton Passage workbook PRIOR to arriving for Passage. This involves 12-24 hours of reading, writing, and reflection.

Participation: Students participate in activities, discussions, reflection, and writing assignments during Passage. Participation is part of the course grade.

Wheaton Campus Assignments and Meetings: Upon returning to Wheaton, students must complete a final paper, meet 1:1 with their faculty leader and connect with their group for one final get together before the end of A-quad.

This course has several instructors. Each student group will have a unique faculty member assigned to them. They will not know who their faculty member is until they meet towards the end of Passage. Other instructors include:

  • Barrett McRay Ph.D. - Wheaton Passage Lead Faculty Member
  • Rachael Cyrus M.A. - Program Manager
  • Rob Ribbe Ph.D. - Director of HoneyRock, Assistant Professor of Christian Formation and Ministry
students sitting around campfire at honeyrock in three lakes, wi

Sign Up Today!

It's the best way to begin your Wheaton experience - make friends, have fun, get ahead on credit, and interact extensively with Wheaton College faculty.

Sign Up

Signing up for Passage is easy - follow these steps:

Due Date:



Sign up for Passage by creating your account and paying the $100 registration fee.

Helpful Links:

Due Date: 

Ongoing, but no later than July 1*


Students must purchase two texts for the course. There is significant reading that must be done ahead of time so make sure you order these as soon as possible.

  1. Wheaton Passage Workbook 2020
    • To Order: Purchase through the Kendall Hunt website and search "Passage".
    • Must be a hard copy (no ebooks) of the 2020 edition.
    • Includes the syllabus, readings, discussion guides, and grading rubrics. 
  2. Embracing the Love of God by James Bryan Smith
Important Note About E-books: 

If you purchase an e-book you must ALSO purchase the hard copy. You will not have access to electronic devices (phone, computer, kindle, reader, etc) so all assignments must be completed in the workbook. If you choose to type your responses you must print them before you leave for Passage and attach them in your workbook. You must have hard copies of both books to effectively participate in discussions. 

Special Note for students currently residing outside of the U.S. or Canada:

Sometimes the publishers have issues with books getting to international students on time. If you are confident that you will be able to get your books on time to complete all assignments then you are encouraged to order your books as normal, having the hard copies of both texts shipped to you. If not, please email passage@wheaton.edu.

*You can order the materials later than July 1, but you'll want to take special consideration as to whether you can complete the reading and assignments on time. If you're concerned about receiving the hard copies in time, order the ebook and start reading right away! Questions? Email passage@wheaton.edu.

Due Date:

Preferably as you register, but no later than July 1.


Sign into your account and confirm your transportation plans. 

Helpful Links:

Due Date:

Upon registration


It's important to thoroughly review our FAQ page, which includes need-to-know information about having the best Passage experience! 

Helpful Information within the FAQ page:

  • Technology & Communication Policy
  • Special Notes for Parents
  • Transportation Information
  • About Wheaton Passage Leaders
  • Packing List

Due Date:

Upon registration


Click here to join our Facebook group* and to start meeting your classmates.

*Sorry mom and dad, only students are allowed to join the Facebook group!

student and instructor canoe on long lake at honeyrock in three lakes, wi

Have a Question?

Do you have a question about Passage? Please visit our "FAQ" page, linked below.

Frequently Asked Questions
There were so many unique and exciting experiences during Passage. I loved the community and adventure. Navigating social experiences and spiritual life was an essential aspect of my overall time at HoneyRock. I was very thankful for the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and devote my time and energy into studying the Bible and developing new friendships. — Lucas Friedrich '23
Late one night after all the day’s activities had ended, my group took some canoes out in the middle of the lake. The water was dark and perfectly still, and the stars could be seen from horizon to horizon. We sat in silence as we looked at the heavens, and then we sang songs together in worship. As we closed, I told my group that the very same God who placed those stars in the sky had placed each one of them at Wheaton. He has a plan for their time here, and he will be with them every day along the way. — Dr. Keith Johnson, Associate Professor of Theology
The most important aspect of my experience at Passage was my understanding of spiritual formation. The community of my cabin, student leaders, and the HoneyRock staff helped us focus on learning and growing in our faith. — Joelle Cheney '23
Passage orients my heart to the bigger picture of what we do as an institution. Wheaton is not just a place of higher education but a place of whole-person formation as not just the students, but all of us together seek to more and more accurately bear the Imago Dei. — Dr. Enoch Hill, Assistant Professor of Economics