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COVID19 Passage FAQ

After much prayer and consideration, the Passage leadership team has decided to cancel Wheaton Passage—the pre-orientation program of Wheaton College—this Fall 2020.

We have carefully reviewed guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and the American Camp Association for running a COVID-safe Passage experience at HoneyRock. After comparing the guidelines with Passage programming, it was clear that the adaptations we would have to make to the program would not support the program’s goals. For more information about this decision, please read the Q&A below.

Will my deposit be refunded?
Yes. We will begin issuing refunds on June 26 for your deposit and any additional purchases you made during the registration process. Due to COVID-19, our payment processer has seen some delays. If you do not see the refund appear within three weeks from June 26 please email passage@wheaton.edu.  

Can I be refunded for the course workbook?
If you purchased your workbook from the Wheaton Bookstore and have not written in it, you can return it to the Bookstore upon arriving on campus for a full refund.

If you purchased your workbook from an alternate vendor (not the Wheaton Bookstore) you will need to reach out to your point of purchase regarding their refund policy. 

If you have written in your workbook, email us at passage@wheaton.edu for details concerning refund options.

Where will the refund come from? 
Your refund will come from HoneyRock, not Student Financial Services.

Where will I receive the refund?
The refund will appear in whatever type of payment you last used with HoneyRock.

Will the sleeping bag I purchased during registration be refunded?
Yes. If you ordered a sleeping bag during registration, we will refund the cost along with your deposit.

Can I still take the Passage course, CFM 131: Introduction to Spiritual Formation course?
Yes. However, please note that on campus, the equivalent Passage course is called CFM 115: Introduction to Christian Formation and Ministry. It is offered in a semester-long format and you can register for it when you register for classes.

When should I plan to arrive on campus now?
You should plan to follow the arrival and move-in instructions found on the Orientation 2020 page. If you are a parent, please be sure to review the plan for Parent Orientation Fall 2020.



I am an international student and I was planning to participate in Passage. What does this mean for me?
Students arriving from international locations this fall should note that current CDC guidance still indicates that you will need to self-quarantine upon arrival to the U.S. before participating in-person for orientation activities and classes.

As noted in previous emails, it is not required that students self-quarantine on campus, but Wheaton College will offer quarantine housing and food delivery (at a cost) for students that need it.

If you want to participate in person for orientation, you should plan to arrive to the U.S. by August 5th to self-quarantine. On June 26th, you’ll get an email from isp@wheaton.edu with more information about campus quarantine housing/meals and how to request it, if needed. Please reach out to the International Student Programs (ISP) team for additional assistance.

What does this mean for Aequitas students?

Students that are enrolled in the Aequitas program in Urban Leadership will still begin their semester in Chicago. Please reach out to the Aequitas team for more details.

Are all of the tracks cancelled?
Yes. Wilderness, Northwoods, Equestrian, and Urban are all cancelled. If you were an Aequitas student in the Urban track, stay tuned for more information from Urban Studies.


Why is Passage being cancelled?
After carefully reviewing guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and the American Camp Association for running a COVID-safe Passage experience at HoneyRock, it was clear that the adaptations we would have to make to the program would not support the program’s goals.

I heard that HoneyRock is offering summer camp. Why not Passage?
Passage is structured differently than summer camp. Current guidelines for running a COVID-safe camp experience do not compromise our ability to offer the quality and style of summer camp programs we provide.

What does cancelling Passage mean for the fall at Wheaton?
Cancelling Passage does not affect our decision to open campus this fall. As long as the Restore Illinois guidelines allow, we will open our campus to students for the Fall 2020 semester with classes beginning as scheduled on August 26.


Quick Links for Orientation 2020 at Wheaton

We've rounded up some quick links for on-campus arrival and move-in for Fall 2020:

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