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Letters and Stories

Stories from the Wheaton community that bear witness to God's goodness.

Christian and Jewel Magood
Christian and Jewel Magoon '97

Wheaton alumni, Christian and Jewel Magoon '97, explain why they want to provide opportunities for students to study at Wheaton through the endowed scholarships program.


Wheaton Associates
Through Generations

Thanks to the Wheaton Fund, the story of a Wheaton education's lasting effect can be seen through the relationships a professor has with a current student and alumni.


Stephen and Mary
Stephen '86 and May Lin

Wheaton parents, Stephen '86 and May Lin, share why they support Wheaton, even as their son is enrolled.


Blanchard with the sun setting
Cynthia Kenyon '68

Cynthia Kenyon '68 is advancing Wheaton's mission and creating income for her retirement through a deferred gift annuity.


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