Christ at the Core Stories

Christ at the Core: Tristan Admiraal '20

Tristan Admiraal '20, a History major, discusses how his reading and understanding of literature was shaped by his First-Year Seminar class, a feature of Christ at the Core.

Christ at the Core: Nina Mantalaba '19

Nina Mantalaba '19, a Psychology and Anthropology major, discusses how her experiences in her First Year Seminar class led her to become interested in Anthropology.

Christ at the Core: Dr. McKoy & Dr. Wood

Dr. Michael McKoy, International Relations, and Dr. Adam Wood, Philosophy, discuss how teaching an Advanced Integrative Seminar together has influenced their teaching of their respective fields.

Christ at the Core: Dr. Lake & Dr. McGraw

Dr. Christina Bieber Lake, English, and Dr. Bryan McGraw, Political Science, discuss their hopes that their Advanced Integrative Seminar will inspire students to ask questions.

Christ at the Core: Dr. Johnson

Dr. Keith Johnson, Biblical and Theological Studies, discusses how diversity in his First-Year Seminar class led to a variety of different perspectives across common readings.

Christ at the Core: Estefy Hernandez '20

Estefy Hernandez '20, a Communication & Biblical and Theological Studies Major, talks about forming her identity and understanding her vocation as a student through her First-Year Seminar.

Christ at the Core: Dr. Hill

Dr. Theon Hill, Communication, discusses how his Advanced Integrative Seminar on rap music allows for a more holistic education through the integration of culture and faith.

Christ at the Core: Anna Joy Setran '21

Anna Joy Setran '21, an Undeclared major, discusses the community that formed in her First-Year Seminar class and the impact this had on her as a first-semester freshman.

Christ at the Core: Alexis Huggins

Alexis Huggins, a Political Science major and an English minor, discusses her experience in the Science Fiction Advanced Integrative Seminar, and how her experience in her two fields has informed her reading of literature.