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Christ at the Core Fall Series 2021

Called to Community

Explorations of how life together shapes our identity and pursuit of the good life

Called to Community: Why Life Together Matters in a Divided Society
Sept. 16, Barrows, 7pm
An evening exploring why community matters and the challenges we face in fashioning meaningful connection featuring Dr. Kent Annan, Dr. Vince Bacote, Dr. Danielle Corple, Dr. Keith Johnson, and Dr. Tiffany Eberle Kriner. Co-sponsored by CACE.

Something Shifted: Explaining Change in the American Religious Zeitgeist, Dr. Christian Smith
Oct. 7, Barrows, 7pm
Sociologist Christian Smith reflects on the changes in American religious practice and belief since his earlier research on Moral Therapeutic Deism and emerging adult spirituality.

My Name is Asher Lev, Arena Theater Production
Nov. 5-Nov. 13, Arena Theater
Asher Lev, a gifted young painter and an observant Jew, wrestles with his responsibility to his faith, his community, and his art. In his play based on Potok’s acclaimed novel and this year’s Core Book, Aaron Posner develops and illuminates the necessary and difficult conversation between an individual’s faith and their calling as an artist.

Enduring Questions, Faithful Answers: How Does Faith Shape our Artistic Pursuits?, An Asher Lev ‘Talk Back’ with Director Michael Stauffer
Nov. 11, Arena Theater, Following Performance
A conversation about the themes of Aaron Posner’s adaptation of My Name is Asher Lev, including the unique challenges religious artists face to pursue their artistic calling while actively practicing their faith within their communities.