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Core Book Bookmark VerticalWhat is Core Book?

Each year, the College selects a "core book." This book is chosen because it embodies and illuminates important themes of Wheaton's Christ at the Core general education curriculum. Throughout the year, we read, discuss, reflect, and learn together about the book and it’s themes. Our faculty contribute thoughtful study guides, cultural and historical contextual background, spiritual insights, and other scholarly resources related to the Core Book. And we host Core Book events such as author lectures, panel discussions, film showings, reading groups, and more.

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Everyone! All students, faculty, and staff are invited to participate in the conversation. We also invite local community members as well as the wider public to take advantage of Core Book resources and events. The Core Book program fosters a shared experience across the Wheaton community and beyond as we read, reflect upon, and discuss the book together. 

Core Book 2023 Everything Sad Is Untrue

Wheaton College 2023 Core Book Everything Sad Is Untrue

Why did We Choose Everything Sad is Untrue for this year’s Core Book?

This is the first time we’ve chosen a contemporary work for the Core Book, and we picked it because it was such as good fit for our overall goal of examining enduring questions together through great works of literature. Everything Sad Is Untrue asks important questions people are wrestling with today, questions about the refugee crisis, and what a Christian response might look like. But more broadly, Nayeri’s work invites us into bigger questions about the nature of the life of faith and sacrifice, what it means to live the good life, and how spiritual autobiography as a genre can help us understand the landscapes of our own lives.


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All are invited to join the Wheaton community in fall 2023 as we read, discuss, and learn together from Nayeri’s beautiful book. Here’s how you can get involved:

Read the Book

Everything Sad Is Untrue Book CoverGet your copy today >

Listen to the Audio Book

Everything Sad is Untrue Audiobook CoverWheaton College Library has acquired several audiobook copies of Everything Sad is Untrue. Library patrons may borrow the audiobook on a first-come-first-served basis by logging in with their Wheaton College NetID here

Engage with the Resources

Wheaton faculty have developed a variety of helpful resources for use with youth groups, book clubs, writing seminars, or on your own. Access and download them for free here:

Read the Text

Contextual Materials

Responding to the Text

For Teachers

Watch an Event

If you missed our Fall Core Book Events, never fear! You can watch recordings on YouTube. Check the links below. 

Daniel Nayeri Headshot

Daniel Nayeri Public Lecture

October 23 | 7:30 pm, Armerding Concert Hall


Watch the event on YouTube


Esau McCaulley, Beth Moore, and Daniel Nayeri: Writing the Life of Faith

McCaulley Moore Nayeri Headshots

October 24 | 7:30 pm, Edman Chapel

This evening was a taste of three highly acclaimed memoirs and a rich intellectual exploration of the process and power of spiritual autobiography. This event brought together Esau McCaulley, associate professor of New Testament at Wheaton College and author of Reading While Black and How Far to the Promised Land; Beth Moore, best-selling author of bible study materials and author of All My Knotted-Up Life, and Daniel Nayeri, publisher and author of the prize-winning Everything Sad is Untrue.

Watch the event on YouTube

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