Writing Center FAQ

Have a question about the Writing Center? You've come to the right place!

Undergraduate consultants come from departments across campus and receive extensive training from the Writing Center director. Additionally, the Writing Center is staffed with two TESOL-certified consultants and one consultant who specializes in working with graduate students. If you are an ESL student and would like to visit a TESOL-certified consultant at the Center, select the ESL Schedule on WCOnline when signing in to make an appointment.

ESL students may sign up for a 30- or 60-minute appointment on the Undergraduate Schedule or the ESL/Graduate Schedule on WCOnline. We encourage ESL students to sign up on the ESL/Graduate schedule when possible, as it is staffed by TESOL-certified consultants who are able to collaborate most effectively with ESL students.

If you've just created your account, check that you've validated your account by clicking the link in the account confirmation email.

Otherwise, to regain access to your account, email Lindsay Danielson, the student manager of the Writing Center, at lindsay.danielson@my.wheaton.edu

Yes, the Writing Center is open for adjusted hours every day of finals week.

Yes. Upon request, your consultant will email your professor a brief, automated report of your appointment.

Undergraduate Schedule consultations are 30 minutes. This time frame allows your consultant to read portions of your paper with you and to collaborate with you on the revisions you would most like to make. ESL students may sign up for 60-minute consultations on the ESL/Graduate Schedule or the Undergraduate Schedule.

Yes. All consultants are comprehensively trained to collaborate on writing projects across the disciplines. Additionally, consultants represent a variety of academic majors, including those in the sciences.

Faculty can support the Writing Center in simple ways, such as including information about it on course syllabi and Schoology pages, as well as promoting it in class. In addition, the Writing Center has created brief introductory videos (one for undergraduates and another for graduate students) for faculty to share with students. For further information, email alison.gibson@wheaton.edu.