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Get to Know the Writing Consultants

Undergraduate Writing Center consultants represent a variety of academic majors and are from diverse backgrounds. All consultants, regardless of major, are trained to engage with student writing across the disciplines. Consultants participate in a selective application process, extensive training at the start of the fall semester, and ongoing training and supervision throughout the year. 

ESL Writing Center consultants have considerable experience teaching ESL students, from beginner to advanced learners. They have completed graduate-level coursework, are TESOL certified, and have worked in intercultural contexts. 

Our consultants believe that writing effectively can be a way of serving Christ, and they desire for the Center to be a site of Christian hospitality. They find their work in the Writing Center to be both professionally rewarding and personally meaningful. 

Learn a bit more about our consultants by clicking on their photos below to read how they answer the question, "What is writing like for you?"

Abby Yoh 200x220

Abby Yoh '21

History major

Joshua Lee '21

Biology major and Psychology minor 

Ally Stapleton '20

English Writing major and BITH minor

Hannah Westfall photo 200x220

Hannah Westfall '20

International Relations major and HNGR certificate

Emily Ding photo 200x220

Emily Ding '21

Anthropology major 

Emily Smith 200x220

Emily Smith '20

Spanish and IDS major

Sammie Shields '20

Economics and Africana Studies major

Kathryn Humnick 200x220

Katy Humnick '20

English Writing major and Theatre minor

Lynnea Befus 200x220

Lynnea Befus '21

English Literature and Secondary Education major

Sophia Leach photo 200x220

Sophia Leach '20

BITH major and Pre-nursing

Jensen Troup 200x220

Jensen Troup '20

English major and Spanish minor

Edie Heipel '19

Political Science and English major 

Maggie Rothrock

Maggie Rothrock '20

English Writing major

Megan Hogan 200x220

Megan Hogan '19

Applied Health Science major

Liz George '20

English Writing major and Economics minor

Brandon Voss photo 200x220

Brandon Voss '19

English and Psychology major

Elaina Finley '19

English major and History minor

Isabella Olfert '20

English major and Music minor

Riley Gustat '20

English Writing major and History minor

Joseph Saperstein 200x220 photo student consultant

Joseph Saperstein '21

Anthropology major and Urban Studies minor 

Our People Variant

Ellie Shackelford '20

Art History major and Spanish minor

Stephen Watts '19

IDS major

Allison Nussbaum 200x220 photo student consultant

Allison Nussbaum '21

International Relations and Psychology major 

Christiana McGann 200x220 photo student consultant

Christiana McGann '19

English and Secondary Education major

Martin Cluelow photo 200x220

Martin Cluelow

ESL Consultant

Annette Barker photo 200x220

Annette Barker

ESL Consultant

Dr. Alison Gibson, Director

200x220 photo

Dr. Gibson is Associate Lecturer of English at Wheaton College, where she teaches First-Year Writing and general education courses in drama. She is the director of the First-Year Writing Student Conference and the Jameson Essay Contest, which recognizes outstanding undergraduate student writing. She has presented her research on hospitable writing pedagogy at multiple academic conferences, and she is a member of the International Writing Centers Association and the Midwest Writing Centers Association.

She earned her Ph.D. and M.A. in English at the University of Virginia and her B.A. in English at Wofford College.

For Dr. Gibson, writing is like "welcoming a stranger to join you for your favorite meal."