Introducing Duo Two Factor Authentication for Students

Posted January 20, 2022 by Academic and Institutional Technology
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Introducing Duo Two Factor Authentication for Students

Effective Date: February 22, 2022

We are pleased to announce that in late February 2022, we will roll out Duo Two-Factor Authentication for students to help protect you and our College data.   

In order to prepare for that transition, all students will need to take a few minutes to enroll in Duo.  We will be sending out emails to tell you about the actions you’ll need to take to enroll.  It is a quick and simple process, and we think you’ll be pleased with how user-friendly Duo is!

More information will be forthcoming. 

Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding the Duo system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are we switching to Duo?

Duo helps protect your sensitive data by requiring a second step when you connect to a Duo-protected Wheaton system. The first step is typically entering your username and password. The second step is accepting a notification from Duo to confirm it’s you trying to login. Duo Push makes that second step as simple as touching “Accept” when prompted by the Duo app on your Smartphone.  As a result, even if a criminal manages to steal your password, they will not be able to access your data thanks to Duo.

Do I need a smartphone or data plan to use two-factor authentication?

No. Having a smartphone makes for a MUCH easier and more secure experience with Duo Push. But if you do not have a smartphone, please contact the AIT Service Desk (630-752-4357) and they will work with you find the best solution for you to use Duo.

What do I do if I don’t have my cell phone with me? 

Contact the AIT Service Desk and they will be able to help you access your data, as needed, for the day.  However, you should do your best to have your smartphone with you whenever you anticipate needing to access a Wheaton system.

What is Duo Mobile?

Duo Mobile is an application (app) that you install on your smartphone or tablet to generate passcodes for login or to receive push notifications for easy, one-tap authentication on your mobile device. It works with Duo Security’s two-factor authentication (2FA) service to make your logins more secure.

What is the recommended two-factor authentication method?

If you have a smartphone or tablet, we strongly recommend Duo Push, as it is quick, easy-to-use, and secure. See an introduction to Duo Security and a demonstration of Duo Push in this short video:

How much data does a Duo Push request use?

Duo Push authentication requests require a minimal amount of data -- less than 2KB per authentication. For example, you would have to authenticate over 500 times in a 30-day period to consume a full megabyte of data.  Also, Duo uses no cellular data when you are connected to WiFi.

Why have I stopped receiving push notifications from Duo Mobile?

There are several reasons this could happen. Please try the following to troubleshoot:

  1. Make sure your enrolled device has a cellular network or WiFi connection.
  2. Although it shouldn’t be necessary, try to have the Duo Mobile app open when you authenticate.
  3. Try these additional push troubleshooting steps:
  4. If the above solutions don’t work, try using another authentication method, such as passcodes provided in the Duo Mobile app.

How can I authenticate if I’m somewhere with no cell signal or WiFi access?

It’s easy!  Just use the passcode in the Duo Mobile app.  You can do this when on an airplane, or in a place with unreliable cell service.  See this Duo Knowledge Base article for information on authenticating without cell or internet service:

How can I manage the devices I use for Duo?

Login to a Wheaton system protected by Duo, then choose the “My Settings & Devices” link (Duo self-service) at the Duo prompt. Several options are available:

  • Add additional devices
  • Designate your “default” device that receives authentication requests in addition to your preferred authentication method
  • Deactivate Duo Mobile if you got a new phone but kept your number
  • Change the name of your device (ex. “Personal Cell”)
  • Remove a device

Learn more about managing your devices here:

What should I do if I lost my phone?

Please contact the AIT Service Desk immediately at 630-752-4357 or

Can Duo see my password?

No. Your password is only verified by your organization and is never sent to Duo. Duo provides only the second factor, using your enrolled device to verify it’s actually you who is logging in.

Does using Duo give up control of my smartphone?

No. The Duo Mobile app has no access to change settings or remotely wipe your phone. The visibility Duo Mobile requires is to verify the security of your device, such as OS version, device encryption status, screen lock, etc. We use this to help recommend security improvements to your device. You always are in control of whether or not you take action on these recommendations.

Does Duo work in other countries?  If I’m traveling outside of the US, do I need Duo? 

Please contact the AIT Service Desk before you go on a trip.  We’ll be able to work with you to show you how to use the Duo Mobile Passcode on your cell phone to authenticate so you can still access and protect your data abroad. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Academic and Institutional Technology at 630.752.4357 (HELP) or by email at