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Course Offerings

The purpose of the Physics curriculum is to provide you with the concepts of classical and contemporary physics and to develop both theoretical and experimental skills. The objective is to give you a fuller awareness of the structure and principles of the created universe and their relationship to technological culture.

The Physics and Engineering Department offers a variety of courses, including several general education courses. For a full course description including co/pre-requisites, click on the link, which will take you to the course catalog, hosted by the Registrar’s office.

General Education Courses

Physics Major Core Courses

Physics Major Elective Courses

Engineering Major Courses

  • Engr 101: Introduction to the Engineering Profession
  • Engr 105: Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics
  • Engr 125: Introduction to AutoCAD
  • Engr 201: Engineering Mechanics I – Statics
  • Engr 202: Engineering Mechanics II – Dynamics
  • Engr 204: Innovative Design in Engineering
  • Engr 223: Strength of Materials
  • Engr 225: Materials Science