Physics and Engineering Faculty and Staff

Physics and Engineering Faculty

Robert Bishop, Ph.D. Headshot

Robert Bishop, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics and Philosophy; John and Madeleine McIntyre Chair of Philosophy and History of Science
Darren Craig, Ph.D. Headshot

Darren Craig, Ph.D.

Professor of Physics
Jim Schroeder, Ph.D.  Headshot

Jim Schroeder, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physics
Kevin Valson Jacob, Ph.D.  Headshot

Kevin Valson Jacob, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Physics
Kelly Vazquez, Ph.D. Headshot

Kelly Vazquez, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Engineering

Physics and Engineering Guest Instructors

  • Michael Baxa Ph.D. Guest Assistant Professor of Physics
  • Rhiannon Blaauw Erskine, M.A. , M.Sc. Guest Instructor for Astronomy
  • Blair Nelson, Ph.D. Guest Assistant Professor
  • Ben Pierson, M.B.A. Guest Instructor


Physics and Engineering Staff

Shawn Anderson

Physics and Engineering Lab Associate

Mary Carrington

Physics and Engineering Office Coordinator

Jeff Yoder, M.S.

Engineering Program Director

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