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Resource Center

Health Professions Resource Center

The Resource Center, housed in the Health Professions Suite, Meyer Science Center room 104, holds informational materials from schools and professional organizations.

2 female students looking at an open book in front of the Resource Center library Female student infront of Resource Center library

Recent Additions

  • The Official Guide to Dental Schools
  • The Official Guide to the MCAT 2015 Exam
  • Opportunities in Health and Medical Careers
  • Osteopathic Medical College Information Book

Popular Allied Health Books

  • Opportunities in Physical Therapy Careers
  • Introduction to the Pharmaceutical Profession
  • Opportunities in Occupational Therapy Careers
  • 101 Careers in Public Health
  • Careers in Sports, Fitness & Exercise
  • So You Want to be a Physician Assistant

Valuable Resources

  • Bulletins, view books, and catalogs from Health Professions Schools
  • How to be a Successful Applicant
  • Admission Requirements for Health Professions Schools
  • Preparation materials for the National Admissions Examinations

Health-Related Opportunity Listings

  • Volunteer Service
  • Medical Missions
  • Research
  • Summer Opportunities
  • Internships
  • Peer Mentoring

Resource Center in Health Professions Office