Research at Wheaton College

The trends nationally in science are for students to be engaged in active, first-rate research projects. Wheaton College is providing such research experiences for its students.

Health Professions Summer Research

Students at Wheaton College may engage in these types of research opportunities:

  • Sustained research, summer and ongoing research working with faculty mentors. This may result in a publication or a presentation at a professional meeting.
  • Wheaton Summer Science Research Program: During the summer, faculty members from the various departments of the Science Division work with one to several students in ongoing research projects. The project lasts for 8-10 weeks and students receive a stipend and on-campus housing during this time. This program allows faculty members to maintain ongoing research and provides excellent experience for the students who work with them. For an example of summer research see the work of Dr. Thom.
  • Students participate in research off-campus at other academic institutions or other laboratories. Wheaton College pre-health professions students have participated in research at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, Harvard University School of Medicine, and other laboratories.
  • A campus-wide poster session in honor of the late Dr. David Bruce, Professor of Physiology, is held each fall at Homecoming. Students enrolled in specific courses in the science division or students who participated in a summer research project (on or off-campus) are invited to participate. About 25 students participate annually.
  • Introduction to Research courses are offered where students engage in project design, generate data and ask new questions. The advanced courses in the natural sciences offer many in-course research and discovery opportunities.