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There are several scholarship opportunities for pre-health students within Wheaton College as well as National and State.

Health Profession Scholarships

Global Health Internship Scholarship – awarded to up to two Wheaton students completing a for-credit internship focused on global health. Preference given to students who express a vocation interest in the field of global health and have financial need. Students are responsible to provide a short report on their experiences to the committee. 

Great Physician Scholarship – a one-time award to one student toward spring tuition. Junior pre-medical students (by class year, not credits) with a GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible for the Great Physician Scholarship. However, if two students are deemed worthy, the award can be divided between both students. Applications for this scholarship are accepted each fall. Great Physician Information Sheet (due Sunday, November 3, 2019)

Health Scholars Scholarship – is a one-time award to multiple students each year toward internships at a Northwestern Medicine facility or with a health care practitioner affiliated with Northwestern Medicine. 

McKenna Scholarship – is awarded to junior students pursuing a future career in medicine (MD) or dentistry in an underserved urban setting and who have at least a 3.3 GPA. 

Strohschein Scholarshipby invitation only, is a one-time award to students who intend to pursue a career in medicine as an allopathic (MD) physician. 

Sugarbaker Scholarship – for current sophomores, is awarded annually toward tuition over the course of four years – the final two years at Wheaton and the first two at an allopathic (MD) or osteopathic (DO) medical school. No more than two gap years are permitted.  

Wheaton College Scholarship Recipients
National and State Scholarships