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CFM Internships & Practica

COVID Protocols

Domestic Internship and Practica Process

Students planning to complete a domestic internship or practica for credit or have received funding from the College related to their internship or practica will need to register in the College’s GoGlobal system. Students must complete the Domestic Internship and Practica (for Academic Credit) registration. Students login to GoGlobal with their regular Wheaton portal credentials (username and password).

(Only if your internship is fully remote: complete the GoGlobal Registration for a Remote Internship and Practica.)

As part of the student’s GoGlobal registration, they will be required to sign a COVID-19 Waiver and review/submit signed COVID-19 Internship Guidelines indicating they understand the risks associated with their internship related to COVID-19. A representative at the internship site must also sign the COVID-19 Internship Guidelines document. No internship credit or College funding will be awarded until the GoGlobal registration is complete.

Any questions regarding this process should be directed to the College’s Global Programs and Studies Office.


Process at a glance:

1)  Read CFM 496 Internship Guidelines Packet (PDF).

2)  Find an internship location--speak with Dan Haase and your academic advisor.

             Center for Career and Vocation Internship Database

3)  If internship is outside of the U.S.  Required process for internships outside the U.S.

4)  Complete CFM 496 Internship Application (PDF); send to Dan Haase to obtain faculty signatures.

 During and after internship:


Process at a glance: 

1)  Read CFM 251 Ministry Practicum Syllabus (PDF).

2)  Schedule a meeting with Dan Haase to complete the CFM 251 Ministry Practicum Application.

3)  Site Supervisor completes CFM 251 Ministry Practicum Site Supervisor Evaluation (PDF).


Process at a glance:

1)  Read CFM 216 Discipleship Practicum Syllabus (PDF).

2)  Meet with Dan Haase; complete the CFM 216 Discipleship Practicum Application.

3)  Site Supervisor completes CFM 216 Site Supervisor Evaluation (PDF).