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Why Study Chinese Language and Culture at Wheaton?

Student Stories


Our students come from a diverse array of backgrounds, interests, career paths, and life experiences. Here are a few profiles of students in our cohort to give you a glimpse of the different paths students have taken to our program.

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Genesis Morris '22

"I love the Chinese people and their language and culture! ... I am hoping to go into some kind of policy work or work with a non-profit organization that focuses on peace and reconciliation work in an international setting... and knowing Chinese well would allow me to connect with Chinese people in their heart language."

DJ Pollino in military uniform. variant 2
DJ Pollino ’22

"I am a ROTC cadet... I was always interested in taking on a military career... I am very grateful to say that I was offered a scholarship from ROTC largely due to the fact that I had proficiency in a critical language, Chinese... I am lucky to have many options and opportunities with my military career in relation to Chinese."

A Feature Story

President of Wheaton College, Dr. Philip Ryken, attempted to learn Mandarin Chinese!

More Reasons to Study Chinese Language and Culture