Chinese Major, Courses, and Requirements

Chinese Language and Culture Major

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The Chinese Language and Culture Major requirement is 40 credit hours that include 12-24 credit hours of Chinese language study and 16 credit hours of China topics coursework.  Please visit the Academic Advising page and find the Chinese Language and Culture MAP for an easy-to-read summary of how to achieve this major. See the list of all Chinese Language and Culture courses and their descriptions.

Chinese Language Proficiency (0-12 credit hours)
* Students must demonstrate language proficiency equivalent to the level upon completion of CHIN 201
Course Name Hours 
CHIN 101 Elementary Mandarin Chinese I 4
CHIN 102  Elementary Mandarin Chinese II 4
CHIN 201  Intermediate Mandarin Chinese


Upper Division Chinese Language Courses (12-24 credit hours)
Additional Required Language Courses (12 credit hours)
Course Name Hours 
CHIN 331  Chinese Conversation  4
CHIN 332  Chinese Grammar and Composition 4
CHIN 494  Senior Capstone Experience:
Contemporary Chinese Literature and Its Social Reality
Electives Language Courses
* May count as China-focused content courses but cannot be double counted toward the major requirement
CHIN 302 Chinese Through Scripture 4
CHIN 335 Business Chinese 4
CHIN 337 Readings in Chinese Society and Culture [GP] 4
CHIN 495 Independent Study (Departmental permission required) 1-4


China-Focused Content Courses (16 credit hours, taught in English)
Required Content Courses (8 credit hours)
Course Name Hours 
CHIN 334 Chinese Culture and Traditions [GP] 4
HIST 291
HIST 293
Introduction to Modern East Asia [GP]

Introduction to Asian Studies [GP]


Elective Content Courses
* Courses not on this list may also count with approval from the Chinese advisor, if China or East Asia is covered or any one-time offering or topics course that deals primarily with China
BEC 331 International Business [GP] 4
ECON 365 Development Economics 4
IR 347 East Asian Politics [HP] 4
IR 364  East Meets West [HP] [VPA] 4
IR 367 International Law [HP] 4
PHIL 106 Global Philosophy [GP] [PI] 4
PHIL 227 Asian Philosophy [GP] [PI] 4
PSCI 323 Chinese Political Thought [GP] [PI] 4
RELI 225 Major World Religions [PI] 4


Wheaton-in-China or an Alternatively Approved Study Abroad Program
* Open to all majors; strongly recommended for Chinese Language and Culture majors 
CHIN 338
CHIN 341
Advanced Chinese in China [GP]

Special Topics in Chinese Language and Culture [GP]




  1. Abbreviations refer to courses fulfilling general education requirements of the Thematic Core. LE=Literary Explorations; GP=Global Perspectives; DUS=Diversity in the United States; VP=Visual & Performing Arts; HP=Historical Perspectives; SI=Social Inquiry
  2. At least 16 hours must be taken in residence: that is, through Wheaton College. No more than 16 hours of upper-division transfer credit in Chinese may be applied to the major. Transfer credits include AP credits and coursework completed abroad through a non-Wheaton College or a non-CCCU program. 
  3. Students may work with their advisors to complete alternative study abroad programs not offered by Wheaton. The alternative program must be accredited by a U.S. four-year college or university or by the International Accreditation Association of Colleges and Universities. Six (6) credits minimum; 8-16 recommended.
  4. Credits earned during study abroad may be applied either to a second major (with the approval of that major department), to the Chinese Language and Culture major/China Studies minor, or (upon approval) to both. Up to 8 credits of language and culture courses taken as part of the study abroad program may count or substitute for some Chinese Language and Culture major or China Studies minor requirements.
  5. Students with double majors can choose to take either CHIN 494 or the Senior Seminar from the other major.