Featured Course - Chinese Through Scripture

One of the most important ingredients for language learning success is captivating and meaningful content. Wheaton’s Chinese Language and Culture program offers students a one and only Chinese through Scripture language course which was initially inaugurated in fall 2012 as a 2-credit bridge course and then changed to a 4-credit course. This change added more options to the current Chinese Language and Culture major and China Studies minor requirements.

This course is a content-oriented curriculum with a focus on Bible literacy building and language learning. Scripture is used to facilitate Chinese character learning. Language is contextualized through Bible verses, devotions, stories, topics, images, and cultural discussions. Biblical literacy creates a frame of reference for students in which they can contribute their existing Bible knowledge to their language learning. Using the Bible naturally lends itself to the integration of faith and learning and to increased motivation and linguistic complexity. 

Prof. Rose Wang’s textbook for this course presents a way to explore the inclusion of the Bible in language teaching and the designing process that integrates language into a larger and restructured foreign language instruction. Click to view sample chapters of the Textbook and the Workbook


Students who have taken this course commented on the most valuable components of the course as:

  • Giving the tools to integrate faith with their learning
  • Experimenting Christian discourse in a foreign language
  • Becoming conversant in the Gospel and Christian language in Chinese
  • Offering immediate application to their personal life and evangelism
  • Encouraging discussions about more complicated topics
  • Helping with overall speaking and reading ability in Chinese

“It fills a gaping void in Chinese language education: Chinese language materials about Christianity. This book merges fundamental Biblical truth with deeply devotional encouragement. It is so essential for language learners to be able to understand Christianity and articulate it in Chinese. This book provides a unique opportunity to grow in one’s grasp of the Chinese language while also wrestling with key Christian truths. Between the large amounts of Scripture, challenging educational exercises, and information about Christianity, this book forges in the language learner a passion for both the Chinese language and the Living God.”

 --Jack Meeker
Bible & Theology Major,
Wheaton College,2019