How is the Aequitas Fellows Program Different from Traditional College Honors Programs?

Many schools offer honors programs, but Wheaton takes a different approach. In fact, the average Wheaton student is already working at an honors level, as evidenced by our freshman class profile data:  

  • Average high school GPA 3.75 (unweighted scale)
  • 51% graduated in the top 10% of their high school class; 82% graduated in the top 25% of their high school class (among those submitting a class rank)
  • Middle 50% scored between 1280 and 1430 on the EBRW (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) and Math portions of the SAT, and between 27 and 32 on the ACT

However, even with Wheaton’s high-caliber student body and robust curriculum, some students are looking for additional levels of challenge and engagement with their chosen field of study. That’s why we’ve created the Aequitas Fellows Program.

Aequitas offers similar opportunities to traditional honors programs, both in and out of the classroom, that appeal to motivated, high-achieving students. However, two important elements make Aequitas distinct from college honors programs.

Selection Criteria for College Honors Programs vs. Aequitas Fellows Program

Most college honors programs use test scores, grades, and other academic indicators as the only selection criteria. While these criteria are indeed important for Aequitas, we build cohorts of exceptional students who are committed to integrating their Christian faith into an engagement with a set of important interdisciplinary questions. These small intellectual communities—where students can build friendships, develop expertise, and prepare for lives of service and leadership—are at the heart of Aequitas and make it a more comprehensive and robust experience than most college honors programs can offer.

College Honors Programs and Integration with General Education

What’s more, Aequitas Fellows remain integrated with Wheaton’s Christ-at-the-Core general education program and major departments, fulfilling those requirements alongside their theme’s classes, reading groups, and other experiences. This means, unlike honors programs which tend to separate students into unique tracks, Aequitas students remain fully integrated into Wheaton’s learning community. 

Aequitas Fellowships

Learn more about each of the Aequitas Fellowship Themes: