What can I do with a Psychology education?

The American Psychological Association and the Association for Psychological Science provide plenty of resources for people considering undergraduate studies in psychology, information on graduate studies, and careers in psychology.

Wheaton's Center for Vocation and Career has a number of good links for psychology in their listing of careers by major (please scroll down the page to Psychology).

Entering the Job Market with a Psychology Major

A major in psychology is a good liberal arts degree for those students who plan to enter the job market with a bachelor's degree. A psychology education may be applied to a wide variety of endeavors such as retail management, human resource management, teaching (K-12), or law enforcement. For example, many community agencies (police departments, community mental health facilities, half-way houses, etc.) need people who have had some training in psychology to work as staff or assistants. Employment is also available within psychiatric divisions of general hospitals or in mental health institutions.

Graduate School

Graduate Programs in Psychology

Some of our recent graduates have gone directly into graduate programs in clinical, counseling, developmental, physiological, social, educational, school, and industrial psychology to become professors, researchers, or clinical professionals such as licensed clinical psychologists or counselors.

Graduate Programs in Related Fields

Other graduates have chosen psychologically-related fields such as medicine, neuroscience, personnel management, social work, guidance counseling, or special education with developmentally-delayed or emotionally-disturbed children.  Still others pursue academic or professional work that can be well informed by psychology such as law, politics, teaching, and so forth.