Student Testimonials

History majors respond to the question, "What is your favorite history class?"

Sydney Seidel

History student"A couple of my favorite classes have been Piety and Power with Dr. Harkrider, Revolutionary Europe with Dr. Lundin and Senior Seminar with Dr. McKenzie.

The first two are just such fascinating classes. I loved the topics, the readings and the discussions in class. The lectures were fantastic. Senior Seminar was a good way to top off my experience as a history major."

Abe Park

History student"My favorite history class has definitely been Dr. McKenzie’s Civil War class. I took it during my sophomore year and it blew my mind! I’ve never had a class like that which swept me off my feet the very first day.

I’ve always enjoyed the Civil War era, but I went into the class thinking more from a militaristic perspective. But what we encountered was more about the socio-economic situations – events that led to the Civil War.

I began to understand a different facet of this whole issue that tore our country asunder for several years and brought a lot of pain and suffering."

Alyssa Ericson

History student"I don’t think that I could choose a favorite history class. It would be a like trying to choose a favorite book… or a favorite child! It would be impossible!"



Daniel Davis

History student"My favorite history class was History 352 with Dr. McKenzie, which covers the period of 1865 to the present.

The reason that it is my favorite is that it gave me a sense of the changes that have come about in American identity and getting to where we are today - seeing the changes that occurred through the Great Depression, World War II.

Dr. McKenzie did an outstanding job of communicating about those changes and how we ought to view and understand them as Christians."