Activities and Opportunities for History Majors

History majors have many opportunities to participate in activities with the department or on their own initiative.

Explore History in the Chicago Area

Looking for some educational fun in Chicago? Here are  some ideas.

History Honors Program

Students accepted to the  Honors Program will write an honors theses during their senior year, and if the thesis is accepted with a grade of A or A-, the student will be awarded departmental honors.

Independent Study

The  independent study course offers students the opportunity for an individualized program of reading, research, and writing on a particular topic.


History  internships offer students the opportunity to earn four hours of elective credit and to receive invaluable experience in a history-related job setting.

McManis Lecture Series

Each year, the McManis Lecture Series offers Wheaton College the opportunity to host both national and international scholars for a series of lectures addressing a specific topic or issue. The hosting of this series is rotated between several departments on campus and the History department hosts it once every three years.

Phi Alpha Theta

Phi Alpha Theta is a national History Honor Society with a chapter at Wheaton College.

Wheaton Phi Alpha Theta Logo

Phi Alpha Theta (PAT) promotes awareness of history and sponsors history-related events on campus. The Wheaton College chapter of Phi Alpha Theta sponsors varies activities within the History Department, as well as campus-wide, to foster history exploration as well as community.  Members are encouraged to present research papers in regional competitions.

On the national level, Phi Alpha Theta offers a number of prizes and awards for outstanding student work. Phi Alpha Theta is open to Wheaton students with twelve or more credits in history, a GPA of 3.4 in history, and an overall GPA of 3.1.