After Graduation

The history major cultivates habits of mind, skills in research, and a perspective on the past that help to prepare you for a range of careers.

Whether you're pursuing an internship, looking for a job or preparing for graduate school, the Wheaton College History Department is committed to helping you transition successfully into life after graduation.

Career and Graduate School Options

Wheaton history majors have gone into business and finance; journalism; local, state, and federal government service; law; medicine; teaching and educational administration; archeology; the ministry; missions; and many other callings.  Wheaton history/social science majors land jobs teaching in public schools, private Christian and secular schools across the United States, and international schools.

Students also have pursued masters degrees in specialized fields of history such as museum studies and archival work. With the advent of the History Channel and the popularity of “living history” sites, opportunities for careers in public history are growing. Other students pursue the Ph.D. and academic careers.

A sampling of graduate schools our students have attended includes:

Ph.D. programs at

  • Northwestern
  • Yale
  • Notre Dame
  • the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Miami University (Ohio)

M.A. programs at

  • the University of Michigan
  • the University of Chicago
  • Marquette University
  • the University of Maryland
  • Cooperstown Graduate Program in Museum Studies
  • James Madison University

Law school at  

  • the University of Chicago
  • the University of Minnesota
  • the University of Pennsylvania
  • Kent Law School