Books by English Faculty

Dr. James Beitler

Charitable Writing Book Cover

Charitable Writing: Cultivating Virtue Through Our Words. IVP Academic, 2020.

Seasoned Speech: Rhetoric in the Life of the Church. IVP Academic, 2019.

Remaking Transitional Justice in the United States. New York: Springer, 2013.

Dr. Christine Colón

Choosing Community Book Cover

Choosing Community: Action, Faith, and Joy in the Works of Dorothy L. Sayers. IVP Academic, 2019

Writing for the Masses: Dorothy L. Sayers and the Victorian Literary Tradition. Routledge, 2019

Dickens and Women ReObserved. Edward Everett Root, 2020

Through a Glass Darkly: Suffering, the Sacred, and the Sublime in Literature and Theory. Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2010

Singled Out: Why Celibacy Must Be Reinvented in Today's Church. Brazos Press, 2009

Six Gothic Dramas (De Monfort / Orra / The Dream / The Family Legend / The Panthom / Whitchcraft). Valancourt Books, 2007

Jane Austen and the Arts: Elegance, Propriety, and Harmony. Lehigh University Press, 2013

Joanna Baillie and the Art of Moral Influence (Studies in Nineteenth-Century British Literature). Peter Lang Inc., International Academic Publishers, 2009

Dr. Jeffry Davis

Interdisciplinary Inclinations book cover

Interdisciplinary Inclinations: Introductory Reflections for Students Integrating Liberal Arts and Christian Faith. Institute for Interdisciplinary Research, 2016

Liberal Arts for the Christian Life. Crossway, 2012

Reading for Life. Xlibris, 2002

Dr. Crystal Downing

Subversive Book Cover

Subversive: Christ, Culture, and the Shocking Dorothy L. Sayers. Broadleaf Books, 2020. 

Salvation from Cinema: The Medium is the Message. Routledge, 2017.

Changing Signs of Truth: A Christian Introduction to the Semiotics of Communication. IVP Academic, 2012. 

How Postmodernism Serves (my) Faith: Questioning Truth in Language, Philosophy and Art. IVP Academic, 2006.

Writing Performances: The Stages of Dorothy L. Sayers. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2004. 

Dr. David Downing

Looking for the King book cover

Looking for the King: An Inklings Novel. Ignatius Press, 2010

A South Divided: Portraits of Dissent in the Confederacy. Cumberland House Publishing, 2007

Into the Wardrobe: C. S. Lewis and the Narnia Chronicles. Jossy-Bass, 2004

The Most Reluctant Convert: C. S. Lewis's Journey to Faith. InterVarsity Press, 2002

Into the Region of Awe: Mysticism in C. S. Lewis. InterVarsity Press, 2005

Planets in Peril: A Critical Study of C. S. Lewis's Ransom Trilogy. Univ of Massachusetts Press, 1992

Dr. Susan Dunn-Hensley

Queenship and PowerAnna of Denmark and Henrietta Maria: Virgins, Witches, and Catholic Queens (Queenship and Power). Palgrave Macmillan, 2017

Dr. Jeffrey Galbraith

Painstaker book coverPainstaker: Poems (Google Books)

Dr. Richard Gibson

Paper Electronic Literature Book Cover

Paper Electronic Literature: An Archeology of Born-Digital Materials. University of Massachusetts Press, 2021.

Charitable Writing: Cultivating Virtue Through Our Words. Co-author: James Beitler. IVP Academic, 2020.

Forgiveness in Victorian Literature: Grammar, Narrative, and Community. New Directions in Religion and Literature Series. Bloomsbury Academic, 2015.

Dr. Tiffany Kriner

In Thought Word and Seed Book CoverIn Thought, Word, and Seed: Reckonings from a Midwest Farm. Eerdmans, 2023.

The Future of the Word: An Eschatology of Reading. Fortress Press, 2014.

“Space / Time / Doctrine: Marilynne Robinson’s Gilead Novels.” In Balm in Gilead: A Theological Dialogue with Marilynne Robinson. Ed. Keith Johnson and Timothy Larsen. Intervarsity Press, 2019. 122-146. 

Dr. Christina Bieber Lake

Beyond the Story book cover

Beyond the Story: American Literary Fiction and the Limits of Materialism. University of Notre Dame Press, 2019.

The Flourishing Teacher: Vocational Renewal for a Sacred Profession. IVP Academic, 2020

Prophets of the Posthuman: American Fiction and the Ethics of Personhood. University of Notre Dame Press, 2014

The Incarnational Art of Flannery O'Connor. Mercer University Press, 2019

Dr. Karen An-hwei Lee

Love Chronicles of the Octopodes book cover

Love Chronicles of the Octopodes. Ellipsis Press, 2023

Duress. Cascade Books, 2022

Souvenirs. Baobab Press 2022

Rose is a Verb. Slant Books, 2021

Dr. Thomas Martin

 The Renaissance and the Postmodern book cover

The Renaissance and the Postmodern: A Study in Comparative Critical Values, coauthored with Duke Pesta. Routledge Press, as part of their Routledge Studies in Renaissance Literature and Culture series. 2016.

Poiesis and Possible Worlds: A Study in Modality and Poetic Theory. The University of Toronto Press. 2004. Nominee for the MLA Book of the Year.

Nicole Mazzarella, MFA

This Heavy Silence Book Cover

This Heavy Silence: A Novel. Paraclete Fiction, 2018

Dr. Miho Nonaka

Museum of Small Bones book cover

The Museum of Small Bones. Ashland Poetry Press, 2020

Dr. Kimberly Sasser

Magical Realism and Literature book coverCo-edited with Christopher Warnes. Critical Concepts: Magical Realism and Literature. Cambridge University Press, 2020.

Magical Realism and Cosmopolitanism: Strategizing Belonging. Palgrave Macmillan, 2014.