Listen Up and Speak Out: Helping Learners Develop Oral Skills

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Overview of Listen Up & Speak Out

Do your learners find listening and speaking their new language to be especially challenging? Do they struggle to understand native speakers and find it difficult to participate in the give and take of conversation? As their coach, do you want to know more about helping your learners develop their listening and speaking skills?

This online course will equip you to help your learners make significant improvement in developing the oral skills required for listening comprehension, conversation, and speaking to groups. Also included are detailed directions for dozens of activities you can use with learners at all levels—novice through advanced.

Partial List of Topics

  • How do adults develop listening and speaking skills?
    • Implementing a proficiency-oriented approach 
  • What do coaches and learners need to know about listening comprehension and why it is so challenging?
    • Using the right learning technique at the right time: Listening activities for novice, intermediate, advanced learners
  • What do coaches and learners need to know about how conversation skills are developed?
    • Following a easy-to-use plan for learning culturally appropriate speech
    • Practicing a wide range of conversation strategies: Activities for novice, intermediate and advanced learners to use with helpers and in the community
  • What do coaches and learners need to know about telling stories and giving speeches?
    • Sharing deeper life concerns: Activities for novice, intermediate, advanced learners to share their faith through telling Bible stories, teaching, and preaching
  • How can learners get much more listening and speaking practice?
    • Making high-quality audio recordings: step-by-step instruction and practice

Even though this is an online course, we highly value interaction. Participants receive personalized feedback and suggestions from instructors, and they interact frequently with the instructors and with each other. In addition, they receive multiple resources and activity documents to share with learners.

This course consists of 15 modules over 5 weeks, with a time commitment of about 4-5 hours per week. Participants are not required to be online on specific days or at specific hours.

Prerequisite: Foundations of Language Coaching

Downloadable description of all our Language Coach courses: ICCT Language Coach Course Info

2024 Course Dates

  • Mar. 25-Apr. 26
  • July 22- Aug. 23
  • Oct. 28-Nov. 29


$325, including course materials 

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