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Listen Up and Speak Out: Helping Learners Develop Oral Skills

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Overview of Listen-Up & Speak-Out

Good oral communication is essential for daily life and ministry. But how do learners develop strong listening and speaking skills in their new language? What do they need to learn and how can they best learn it?

In 15 sessions (2 hours each) over five weeks, this online non-credit course

  • equips language coaches with a basic understanding of the processes involved in learning the listening and speaking skills
  • offers practical guidance for helping learners gain proficiency in listening comprehension, conversation, and speaking to groups
  • presents a wide range of learning activities that are most useful at each proficiency leve

 In each session there will be one or more videos (usually narrated PowerPoint presentations), short readings, forums and/or applications questions to be submitted for feedback, and resources for further exploration. Participants interact frequently with the instructors and with each other.

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Partial List of Topics


  • Understanding how adults develop listening and speaking skills
  • Planning ahead: A principled approach for success
  • What do coaches and learners need to know about listening comprehension and why is it so challenging?
  • The right practice at the right time: Listening activities for novice, intermediate, advanced learners
  • What do coaches and learners need to know about how conversation skills are learned?
  • Helping learners develop culturally appropriate speech
  • Equipping learners with useful conversation strategies: Activities for novice, intermediate and advanced learners to use with helpers and in the community
  • What do coaches and learners need to know about telling stories and giving speeches?
  • Speaking activities for facilitating novice, intermediate, advanced learners’ efforts to share their faith through telling Bible stories, teaching, and preaching
  • Instruction and practice in making high-quality audio recordings for a listening library
  • Resources for coaches and activity documents to share with your learners


This is the second in a series of online courses for language coaches and is available only to those who have taken our online ICCT Foundations of Language Coaching class.

Printable pdf version of ICCT Language Coach Course Info.

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