Learner Assessment

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Overview of Learner Assessment

Do you ever feel the need for more frequent feedback about how your learners are progressing ― perhaps to identify problems early on, modify learning procedures, or offer help and encouragement? Would you like to help your learners make better use of their language learning time and reach higher levels of language proficiency?

Appropriate learner assessment can make a great difference in the overall effectiveness of learning — what learners learn, what activities and procedures they use, how quickly and how well they learn, and ultimately how successful they are in developing relationships and carrying out their assigned responsibilities.

Partial List of Topics

  • What is learner assessment? How can it benefit your learners?
  • Understanding foundational concepts and principles of good assessment
  • Determining learners’ communication needs and following up by planning learning experiences to address those needs
  • Designing a variety of assessment types for your learning situation
  • Assessing specific language components and skills (e.g., grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, sociocultural competence)
  • Using portfolios and self-assessment checklists to accelerate learning, foster motivation, and support self-direction
  • Preparing learners for oral proficiency assessment
  • Using assessment results to develop or revise components of your learning program
  • Making sound decisions based on assessment results
  • Resources for coaches and ready-made assessment documents to use with learners

Even though this is an online course, we highly value interaction. Participants receive personalized feedback and suggestions from instructors, and they interact frequently with the instructors and with each other. In addition, they receive multiple resources and activity documents to share with learners.

This course consists of 15 modules over 5 weeks, with a time commitment of about 5-6 hours per week. Participants are not required to be online on specific days or at specific hours.

Prerequisite: Foundations of Language Coaching

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2024 Course Dates

  • Feb. 5-Mar. 8
  • July 8-Aug. 9


$325, including course materials


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