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Learner Assessment

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Overview of Learner Assessment

Appropriate learner assessment can make a great difference in what learners learn, how quickly and how well they learn, and ultimately how successful they are in cross-cultural living and ministry.

In 15 sessions (2 hours each) over five weeks, participants will

  • understand the many benefits of good learner assessment
  • learn basic assessment principles and concepts
  • explore a variety of assessment types
  • evaluate their current assessment procedures
  • design assessment instruments that are appropriate for their learning situations

 In each session, there will be one or more videos (usually narrated PowerPoint presentations), short readings, forums and/or application questions to be submitted for feedback, and resources for further exploration. Participants interact frequently with the instructors and with each other.

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Partial list of topics

  • What is learner assessment?
  • Benefits of good assessment
  • Principles of effective assessment
  • Foundational concepts in assessment
  • Building assessments upon clear goals and objectives
  • Understanding proficiency guidelines and their role in assessment
  • Oral proficiency assessment
  • Integrated performance assessment
  • Assessing specific components and skills: listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, sociocultural competence
  • Using portfolios and self-assessment checklists
  • Developing a learner assessment plan
  • Revising your assessment procedures
  • Designing a variety of assessment types
  • Making sound decisions based on assessment results
  • Preparing learners for assessment
  • Training native-speaker raters


This is the third in a series of online courses for language coaches and is available only to those who have taken our online ICCT Foundations of Language Coaching class.

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