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What Marketing Communications Can Do for You

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The Design team’s purpose is to partner with members of the campus community to promote Wheaton College brand. We ensure all print materials produced by Wheaton College represent our brand with consistency and unified professionalism. Let us use our experience and expertise to help you develop your department’s print materials.

Best Practices for Design Projects

Planning Ahead

Consider all of the elements of your project before filling out the form. What are you trying to accomplish with the piece? Do you have a larger marketing plan? How can you best reach your target audience? Do you have your content ready to submit?

If you don’t have answers to all of these questions, no problem. The design team would love to help. We want to be a part of the process from start to finish, but we do need an appropriate lead time. We request at least six to eight weeks for projects requiring more collaboration and idea generation. See the Project Deadlines section below for more detail.

If you are providing content, make sure it is accurate and complete before you submit it. Accurate and complete content requires fewer rounds of edits, less confusion, and less overall time.

Project Deadlines

A new project typically takes four weeks and includes four proofs, printing, and delivery.

Particularly complex projects may require a six-to-eight-week turnaround time. These projects would involve concepts, visual design, multiple versions of a design, and logos. The six-to-eight-week process includes an initial concepts meeting, four proofs, meeting to review, printing, and delivery. Start by submitting a project request form for the marketing need you want to fulfill with print design. Within the request, ask to schedule a meeting with the design team to begin your project and discuss concepts and production strategies.

Because we receive a high volume of projects throughout the year, projects that are on hold for more than 50 business days will be closed and a new project request will need to be submitted. Please contact x5779 if you need to change your timeline from what was initially requested.

Please note, Christmas Break or any College holidays occurring within your five-week project deadline turnaround time cannot be included as business working days.

The last date to submit a project to be completed before Christmas Break is November 18th.

The last date to submit a project to be completed by Fiscal Year End is June 1st.

Reprint Projects

A project qualifies as a reprint if it has previously been created by Design and requires minimal changes (dates, updated photo, notecards, or stationary). Reprint projects have a two-week turnaround time including printing, and the first proof would be available within five business days after the project request is received.


Each project will receive up to four free proofs.

Please note: It is the responsibility of the requesting department to proofread their own materials. Keep in mind that the fewer proofs you require, the quicker the turnaround time can be. If you need extra proofs beyond the first four proofs, each additional proof will incur a $125.00 fee.

Rush Fees

We understand “rush jobs” will sometimes come up, and we will do our best to accommodate them. However, out of consideration for the designers, the projects, and for those following the lead time to request projects, please plan ahead for annual events and other anticipated needs. All rush jobs (new projects requiring less than 4 weeks, and reprints requiring less than 2 weeks) will incur a Rush Fee of $125.00.

If we cannot accommodate your rush job, we will provide you with a quote for a freelancer and coordinate the project with that freelancer for you. Please note, if costs are incurred for rush jobs that have to be outsourced, those costs will be incurred by the requesting department. Any projects designed without the assistance of the Design team must be reviewed by Marketing Communications for final approval prior to printing or placement of the new piece.

Submit a Project Design Request

  1. Submit a Design Project Request form or call Marketing Communications (x5647) to initiate your project.
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours to set up an initial meeting to review your project goals if needed. You will receive a project timeline and creative brief after this first meeting.
  3. We will send you an initial proof and provide up to four proofs.
  4. Once the design is approved, we will obtain print estimates from the appropriate vendor(s) and prepare your project files for print.
  5. If you are mailing your piece, we will help coordinate the mailing.

Using Students or Outside Vendors

Always start with the design team for any of the external facing print marketing needs. If you have a student worker who is producing material intended for off-campus usage in any way, these materials must meet Wheaton College Brand Guidelines. All pieces created within a department intended for off-campus audiences should be processed through Design.

*We do not share InDesign files or packaged files with you, our client. This is to protect the integrity of the Wheaton College brand.

With an average of 100,000 unique visitors each month, from more than 150 countries, Wheaton's website is the first point of contact with the College for many individuals. More than 130 staff and faculty edit content on the site. The top levels of the site (about 5-6000 pages) reside in Sitecore, Wheaton's content management system (CMS), and over time, more and more departments are moving their sites into Sitecore.

Because Wheaton's site has a large number of content editors, Web standards are critical in ensuring an overall sense of consistency and clarity for those visiting our site. All content editors receive training in these standards and are asked to apply them continually to all work performed on Wheaton's site.

You can send your requests, whether additions or changes or help to web.support@wheaton.edu. A work ticket will be created and distributed to the right person to help you.

Marketing Communications does not provide videography services at this time.

However, we can provide a list of professional and student videographers available for hire. Reach out to marketing.communications@wheaton.edu for access to the vendor list.

Video that is distributed via official Wheaton College channels (YouTube, social media, wheaton.edu) must be approved by Marketing Communications before posting and adhere to College brand guidelines as outlined in the Wheaton College Brand Guidelines.

Please contact marketing.communications@wheaton.edu for consultation before you begin your project. We are happy to consult with you to ensure your video is compliant and ready to post on College channels. 

We offer photography services on a limited basis for use on the Wheaton College website or social media. Please fill out the request form linked below, and someone will contact you to discuss your photography needs.

Facutly headshots are taken each year in August.

Marketing Communications does not provide event photography coverage. However, we do maintain a list of recommended photographers. Reach out to marketing.communications@wheaton.edu to gain access to our photography vendor list.

We have many different forms of the Wheaton College official logo. We can deliver the one you need to you, after you fill out a simple form. 

You can contact our designated printer, Lemon Press, to create your business cards. You will only need to provide them with the wording for the card. 

Please contact marketing.communications@wheaton.edu to order Wheaton College name badges. 


Business Cards

Please work with our designated printer, Lemon Press, to create your business cards. Unlike other print projects, it is not necessary to send a PDF to Lemon Press because they already have the Wheaton College business card template on hand. You will only need to provide them with the wording for the card. 

Name Badges

Please call the Marketing Communications Coordinator, Jenn Carver, x5779, to order Wheaton College name badges. 

Social Media Registration

Please walk through this form to register your social media account with Wheaton College.

Permission to host media/video shoots on campus

Before you start your new social media account, you should fill out this form to register your account with Wheaton College.