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Information you need to know about what Marcom offers

The Design team’s role is to ensure that all materials produced with the Wheaton College name represent our brand consistently, resulting in a unified, professional appearance. As part of the larger Marketing Communications team, we can help you to create and produce your printed piece. If we are unable to produce your piece because of time constraints, we can connect you with freelance contractors.

Contact us at x 5647 before you begin your project to discuss concepts and production strategies.

P.O. Requests for Print and Advertising

All printed pieces intended for off-campus audiences should be processed through Design. Please contact us to get approval for advertisements, outside design (publications and web), and printing. Design must sign off on all P.O. Requisition forms for print and advertising material.

Are Design services free?

Yes. Our in-house editorial and design services are free for the promotion of Wheaton College; however, vendor services (e.g., printing and mailing) and some resources purchased on your behalf (e.g., stock photos) incur costs. Should you require more than 3 rounds of revisions, $125 an hour will be charged per additional round.

How much time does a project take?

The design process takes several weeks. Plan to contact us about 6 weeks before your project deadline. The typical project requires 4 weeks for design and 10 days to print.

The design process usually involves the following steps:

  1. Submit a  (choose Print from the dropdown) or call Marketing Communications (x5647) to initiate your project.
  2. We will contact you within 24 hours to set up an initial meeting to review your project goals. You will then receive a project timeline and creative brief.
  3. We will send an initial proof of your project and provide up to 2 additional rounds of revisions. If the project requires more than 3 total rounds of revisions, a minimum fee of $125 will be charged for each additional round.
  4. Once the design is approved, we will obtain cost estimates for printing from vendors, fill out the P.O. request form, and prepare your project files for print. If you are printing through the Copy Center, we will prepare the project files for the Copy Center.
  5. If you are mailing your piece, we will help coordinate the mailing.

With an average of 100,000 unique visitors each month, from more than 150 countries, Wheaton's website is the first point of contact with the College for many individuals. More than 130 staff and faculty edit content on the site. The top levels of the site (about 5-6000 pages) reside in Sitecore, Wheaton's content management system (CMS), and over time, more and more departments are moving their sites into Sitecore.

Because Wheaton's site has a large number of content editors, Web standards are critical in ensuring an overall sense of consistency and clarity for those visiting our site. All content editors receive training in these standards and are asked to apply them continually to all work performed on Wheaton's site.

Wheaton College recently switched to TerminalFour as the web content management system. Information will be posted soon about standards, training and support for this system.

See our video guidelines (PDF)

We offer photography on a limited basis to provide for your print, website, or social media photo needs. We can cover an event or do portraits for your department.

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Social Media Registration

Permission to host media/video shoots on campus (not sure what this is)