Information about the Coronavirus from CPO

  • Student Check-out of CPO:
  • The CPO window hours are Monday through Friday 11am -1pm, for students, faculty, and staff. You can enter the building only during the times listed above, Please use the doors on the EAST side of the Beamer Center (next to the softball field/Amazon Lockers).
  • Mail Route (delivery/pickup) – Suspended until further notice.
  • Mail drop-off – Any time between 10am – 1pm at the CPO Window.
    • Unsealed mail must have overlapping flaps – this allows the machine to seal mail for you!
    • Protect unsealed letters from wet weather conditions – otherwise the mail sticks together!
    • Please separate typed and hand addressed envelopes – they are handled differently.
    • Be sure to separate (with paperclip or rubber band) any international mail or intra-campus mail (separating it from domestic off-campus mail).
    • CPO can charge and add postage to certified mail or international custom form mail; but at this time Departments must take this mail directly to the U.S. Post Office. 
    • Include your department name on each individual piece of mail; this tells us the department to charge when adding postage; it also tells us where to return mail when necessary.
    • Mail that needs postage should be dropped off no later than 1pm to allow machine processing time.
    • Outgoing Metered mail and stamped mail is picked up from CPO at 2pm Mon - Fri.
  • Department Mail pick-up from CPO Window
  • CPO processes only College mail and packages; please have personal packages delivered to your home, or the Amazon locker east of the Beamer Center (called “Maja”).

Your Official Mailing Address (for mail/orders from off campus):

Dept Name << Please do not use building, rooms, or floors
501 College Avenue
Wheaton, IL 60187

Intra-Campus Mailing Addresses (for mail/orders on campus): Please do not use, building, rooms, or floors. 

From: Department Name

To: Department Name
(Fac/staff name if applicable)


From: Department Name

To: Student First Name, Last Name
CPO Box Number

  • Package deliveries must be addressed to 501 College Ave(Amazon included). Please do not use your building address when placing orders.
  • 924 College Ave may be used for larger items (please contact CPO or Central Stores prior to ordering).

If you have further questions, please contact us at!