Global Influence and Reach

Wheaton graduates make their home in 118 countries around the world. Wheaton is both a gathering place and a sending place.

Wheaton Alumni number some 40,000 strong. Whether in business, education, ministry and evangelism worldwide, science and research, law, the arts – to college presidents and provosts – alumni go on to succeed in countless fields and in prestigious graduate and Ph.D. programs. Our alumni form a tight-knit support network willing to support Wheaton, our students and recent graduates in pursuing their God-given callings.

Indonesia-born alumna Stephanie Riady ’09, decided on Wheaton because her parents were looking for an academically-rigorous Christian education for her undergraduate years. As the top-rated evangelical liberal arts institution located in the all-American setting of suburban Wheaton, IL, just 40 kilometers from the world class city of Chicago, Stephanie appreciated the depth of thought and breadth of understanding that her professors at Wheaton consistently practiced. After receiving her B.A., double-majoring in Philosophy integrated with Christian Education and Ministry and Bible Theology, Stephanie went on to pursue a Master’s of Education from Columbia University. Stephanie currently works at Universitas Pelita Harapan, a Christian university located just outside Jakarta, Indonesia, as part of the Executive Leadership Committee. She is also involved in growing the Pelita Harapan Foundation’s school network, with the vision of establishing 1,000 schools in rural areas across Indonesia.



Global Influence

Raised in a classical music environment where he learned to play cello and piano, Elliot Leung's '16, passions for composing, performing, and sharing music led him from Hong Kong to Wheaton’s Conservatory of Music. Award-winning Composer Marty O’Donnell ’77 befriended and mentored Elliot as an undergrad, helping him navigate the video game and film industry. “Wheaton provides a customized education where you can build strong friendships with your professors,” says Elliot. “They have given me various perspectives on my works, and I’ve been able to develop different musical palettes.”

In the 3-month span following his graduation, Elliot’s music and arrangements have been performed in some of the most prestigious venues, namely the Tianqiao Performing Arts Centre in Beijing, the Cultural Centre, and the Queen Elizabeth Stadium in Hong Kong with 20+ concerts and audience sizes of 1,000+ each concert.

Stephanie and Elliot are just two among many Wheaton graduates involved in diverse career paths worldwide. Hong Kong native and English Literature alumna Yeesom Lo ’09 went on to earn an M.F.A. in Motion Picture Producing from USC and is currently a television producer on high profile programming in Australia.

After graduating with a B.A. in Biblical Studies and Theology with a certificate in Early Christian Studies, David Choi ’16 began pursuing an M.A.R. in Theology and Ethics at Yale University. Alumna Joy Pettigrew ’15 first used her B.A. in Elementary Education and Sociology, as a teaching assistant in Wheaton’s B.R.I.D.G.E (Building Roads to Intellectual Diversity and Greater Education) program and began serving as a campus staff minister with InterVarsity’s multiethnic chapter at Northwestern University.


Global Reach

The International Sustainable Development Studies Institute (ISDSI) was founded by two alumni, Mark Ritchie ’86 and Dana Conner Ritchie ’86. Sociology majors and graduates of Wheaton’s Human Needs and Global Resources (HNGR) program, Mark and Dana started ISDSI in 1998 with a vision to create a study abroad program where college students could learn directly from local communities. Now internationally recognized, their program enrolls students from Ivy League, liberal arts and state universities—and of course Wheaton. Wheaton students who have studied at ISDSI have gone on to work in international education, missions, business and other fields — with a deeper intercultural understanding of Asia and the wider world. By learning alongside local people, Wheaton students have the chance to step beyond their classrooms and explore more of what their faith and their studies mean in the wider world.


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