Homeschooled Frequently Asked Questions

Homeschooled Frequently Asked Questions

May I apply to Wheaton College if I will not receive a state certified diploma or GED?

While Wheaton does not require a state certified diploma or GED for admission, we do require applicants from non-accredited secondary schools to submit a standardized test score (ACT, SAT, or CLT) and complete the academic requirements described below.

For admitted applicants who decide to enroll at Wheaton, we will require proof of high school graduation in the form of an official high school transcript with a graduation date.

What is the suggested high school preparation curriculum for homeschool students?

High school curriculum requirements for homeschool applicants are identical to the requirements for all other applicants. They are as follows:

English - 4 units
Mathematics - 3 or 4 units 
Science - 3 or 4 units 
Social Studies - 3 or 4 units 
Foreign Language - 2 or 3 units of the same language

Does Wheaton prefer a pre-packaged curriculum, or is it okay to design our own?

We recognize both pre-packaged and self-designed curricula. Our only requirement is that you submit a comprehensive transcript of your academic program (see below), as well as the Wheaton College Homeschool Information Form.

What should be included in my transcript?

A brief summary of course content and a comprehensive transcript that details your completed coursework from 9th through 11th grades, as well as classes in progress, is required. The transcript should indicate grades and credit that have been received for each course. Detailed performance evaluations can be helpful, but they are not required. Finally, the transcript must include the signature of the individual who prepared it.

Wheaton has prepared a transcript template that may be used in preparing your application materials. You may either fill it out by hand, or enter information into the interactive PDF form fields and then print it when it is complete. Either way, the transcript must be signed and dated by hand and then sent to us through standard post mail to:

Wheaton College Undergraduate Admissions Office 
Student Services Building 
501 College Avenue 
Wheaton, IL 60187

Who should write my academic recommendation if my parent is my primary teacher?

While we prefer that someone other than your parent complete the academic recommendation (e.g. a tutor or a community college professor, etc.), if there is no other teacher we will accept the academic recommendation from your parent. We also require a pastoral recommendation, which must come from someone who is not related to you.

You may submit a third recommendation from an individual outside your household who knows you well as a student and as a person: an employer, tutor, or coach, for example.

What are the standardized test requirements for homeschool students?

Applicants from non-accredited secondary schools are required to submit a standardized test score for Fall 2024 admission and later. Standardized tests Wheaton College considers include the Scholastic Assessment Test of the College Entrance Examination Board (SAT), the American College Testing Assessment Program (ACT), or Classical Learning Test (CLT). Wheaton's code number is 1905 for the SAT; 1160 for the ACT. All test scores must be sent directly from the testing service or recorded on their high school transcript.

At Wheaton, the middle 50% of accepted applicants typically score between 1230-1390 on the SAT (Critical Reading and Math sections combined) and 27-32 on the ACT. 

Are there additional application requirements for homeschooled students?

If you have been homeschooled for any part of high school, please complete the Homeschool Information Form. We also highly recommend that you schedule an interview.

If I’ve taken a class at a community college, will the credits transfer?

Most credits earned at another accredited college will transfer to Wheaton if the courses are applicable to a liberal arts program. Courses of a vocational or technical nature, pre-college or remedial courses, or courses in which a D grade was earned are not transferable. Courses taken at an unaccredited college may receive some credit with the approval of the Registrar. The College reserves the right to decide the acceptability and applicability of credits earned at other institutions. Your admissions counselor would be happy to speak with you about the types of courses that are generally accepted for credit at Wheaton College.

Is it possible to accelerate my schooling and gain early admission to Wheaton?

Some colleges will consider enrolling a student who accelerates his or her schooling and wants to enter college at age 15 or 16. However, Wheaton discourages students from doing so. We rarely enroll a student who is more than a year younger than his or her freshmen peers.