COVID-19 Protocol

If POSITIVE on a self-test:

  • Call (630-752-5072) or email SHS ( for an appointment for a confirmatory test—no extra cost (If after hours or on weekends, please leave a message with your name, student ID number, and cell phone number stating you need an appointment for a confirmatory test and follow the protocol listed below.)
  • If a student goes home before coming to SHS, they must email a verified lab positive to receive a 5-day Notice of Absence
  • Students will receive an excused 5-day Notice of Absence the day they test positive OR the first day symptoms start; email professors to make a plan to keep current with coursework
  • Isolate yourself in your on-campus residence or at home for 5 days
  • Wear a face covering when picking up grab-and-go meals in the dining hall and common bathrooms during isolation
  • You may rejoin campus life 5 days after isolation, but you must wear a face covering for the next five days (Days 6 to 10)
  • Students must notify close contacts on their own (within 6 feet for greater than 15 minutes in a day)
  • Notify SHS by email if more excused time of absence is needed due to continuing symptoms or for any concerning symptoms

If named as a CLOSE CONTACT:

  • You do not need to quarantine
  • Do a self-test on Day 5 from the last exposure
  • Test any day you are symptomatic within 14 days of exposure
  • Students with additional medical risks if they contract COVID-19 (e.g. compromised immune system) should contact SHS if they are a close contact for further information
  • COVID tests will cost $10 at SHS


  • Test on your own, then come to SHS for a free confirmatory test if you get a positive result
  • If you are seeing a provider or nurse at SHS due to symptoms without having tested on your own, COVID-19 tests will cost $10 at SHS
  • Notice of Absence will ONLY be given for a positive result

If you have questions, please call SHS at 630-752-5072 or email