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The suggested solutions/products listed below are not endorsed or vetted by Wheaton College, but rather are provided as a starting point for the health insurance package selection process. This is not an exhaustive list. Please discuss questions and concerns directly with the company or the vendor. Wheaton College students and their families are ultimately responsible for the outcome of their healthcare plan choices. Before you purchase a plan review a list of questions on the Recommended Coverage tab.


Private plans are Individual Plans that any student can design and purchase with the assistance of the company representative. These plans should identify if they are Affordable Care Act compliant. Visa holding, green card or permanent resident status students may participate in these plans.



Public health insurance plans have certain calendar times for open enrollment. If you are enrolling outside of these specific times, you must show a type of qualifying event (i.e. marriage, loss of coverage).  These plans take some time for verification of enrollment. Students may need to consider a short term plan to bridge the gap between plans. Contingent upon the State, these plans may not be open to visa holding students. Residency status may be required before an international student will be able to apply for the state insurance. Some insurance companies have public (marketplace) plans through their programs as well, such as Aetna or Humana.


Short Term

This is for domestic (non visa holding students) to purchase individually and for a short period of time; 1-3 months. These plans are not required to cover pre-existing health conditions. Catastrophe plans are designed for short term medical needs but do not qualify for the Federal tax exemption, unless a hardship can be proven for the Federal Internal Revenue Service (IRS).


Visa Holding Students

There are special health care plans designed for international students studying for a short time in the US with or without preexisting medical conditions. International students may also participate in private insurance plans as they provide more covered services. 


The plans listed below offer different benefits for visa holding students and their dependents. All three plans are offered by Gallagher Student Health. Online enrollment and the plan information is available at

  • Gold Plan (PDF document) covers pre-existing health conditions and also in network with Student Health Services.
  • Silver Plan (PDF document) covers pre-existing health conditions and also in network with Student Health Services.
  • Bronze Plan (PDF document) has a 6 month pre-existing condition clause.


Short Term & Visa Holding Students

For students who are visa holders and travel to the US to study for less than 2 months, there are affordable plans that can assist you with your urgent health care needs.


Studying or Travel Abroad

These products are not to be used in substitute of a fully insured plan, but they can assist students while they travel and studying abroad. These plans provide you with the flexibility to choose your maximum coverage limit ($50,000 to $1 million) and also the range of a deductible from $0-$2500.


You may be interested in trip cancelation insurance or understanding more about short term insurance

Health Insurance Navigators

These companies assist individuals by taking their individual needs and searching for a variety of insurance products  to meet the student's financial and health needs. There are short term and ACA compliant plans available.


Dental and Vision

Many insurance companies, public and private do not cover preventive or routine dental or vision care. There are numerous companies that will provide you with a separate policy or discount policy. If you have dental or vision needs, it is advisable to pay a premium to receive these preventive benefits.