Training Program

Practicum and Clerkship positions are available during each academic year for six students currently enrolled in either the Masters or Doctoral Clinical Psychology program at Wheaton College.

Students should have an interest in the provision of short-term psychotherapy. Short-term approaches are emphasized by necessity, as trainees are limited to a maximum of 8 months interaction with any particular client. Additionally, WCCC espouses a generalist perspective with regard to counseling and supervision. A comprehensive program of supervision and training is provided, along with extensive exposure to a variety of client issues.

Supervision Program

Supervision for trainees is provided by the Clinical Training Director, Dr. JoAnn Nishimoto, a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Weekly supervision consists of one hour individual, 1.5 hours group supervision, weekly live supervision, and case presentations.

Requirements and Duties

  • Students must be enrolled in the Doctor of Psychology program at Wheaton College.
  • Students should have an interest in both short-term and long-term counseling and display a willingness to be flexible in terms of treatment approach.
  • Time requirements include 24 hours of on-site time per week, over the course of the nine-month college calendar.
  • The case load will grow to a maximum of 14 client hours. Case notes must be written for each session for supervision and follow-up purposes.
  • Students will prepare case presentations for group supervision and case conferences.
  • All sessions are digitally recorded and reviewed with their supervisor.
  • Students will plan and present 2 workshops or seminars for students or staff during the course of the year.
  • Students will secure the required professional liability insurance.
  • Students are expected to be available at all times required by the college calendar.
  • Other duties may be assigned.

Application Requirements

The Clinical Training Director and the Director of the Counseling Center attend the Practicum Information Exchange (PIE), sponsored each year by the Wheaton Graduate Psychology Program. Please attend PIE to pick up the application requirements and deadlines.