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Housing Calendar

August 2018

8 (Wed)

Wheaton Passage Drop Off -Wilderness Track 10am-2pm

11 (Sat)

Wheaton Passage Drop Off -Urban 10am-2pm

12 (Sun)

Authorized students leaders arrive: 2-4pm

15 (Wed) 

Wheaton Passage Drop Off -Camp Track 10am-2pm

23 (Thurs) 

Returning Passage Students, Conservatory and Third Culture students arrive 2-4pm 

24 (Fri)

New students arrive 9am-4pm

26 (Sun) 

Housing opens for continuing students 2-5pm  

27 (Mon) 

Students continue to arrive 2-5pm 

27 (Mon) 

Meal Plan begins with breakfast

28 (Tue) 

Students continue to arrive 2-5pm 

29 (Wed)

Classes begin

31 (Fri)

Last day to change meal plan by 4:30pm

October 2018


(Monday-Wed) Fall break. Campus housing and dining hall remain open

November 2018


(Wed-Fri) Thanksgiving. Campus housing and dining hall remain open

December 2018

20 (Thurs)

Regular meal plan ends with dinner

21 (Fri)

All campus housing closes at noon


January 2019

11 (Fri)

New and consortium students may move into housing between 11am-3pm. Orientation meals begin with dinner.

12 (Sat)

Campus housing opens for all continuing and deferred students at 3pm. Regular meal plan begins with dinner

14 (Mon)

Classes begin

18 (Fri)

Last day to change meal plan by 4:30pm

March 2019

8 (Fri)

Regular meal plan ends with dinner

9 (Sat)

All campus housing closes for spring break at 10:00am.

16 (Sat)   

Campus housing opens at 3pm. Regular meal plan begins at dinner

April 2019

19 (Fri)

Good Friday, Easter Break. Housing remains open

May 2019

9 (Thurs)

Regular meal plan ends with dinner

10 (Fri)

All campus housing closes at 5pm for students without approval to remain for Commencement participation or summer housing

11 (Sat)

Students participating in Commencement but not graduating themselves, or those transitioning to summer housing must have their room checked out by their residence life staff by 5pm

12 (Sun)

Residence Halls close at 5pm for students participating in Commencement, but not graduating themselves

13 (Mon) 

Noon-3pm Summer Housing Opens                                                   

13 (Mon)

Noon Housing Closes for Graduating Seniors