A partnership with Wheaton College Trust Company means that your Christian school or ministry's assets are invested alongside the endowment of Wheaton College.

Wheaton College Trust Company is a national bank chartered by the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and is a subsidiary of Wheaton College, originally founded to administer and serve as trustee of irrevocable and revocable trust instruments benefitting Wheaton

In keeping with its charitable purposes, the Trust Company provides trust services, including investment management, to other nonprofit organizations seeking assistance with their investment assets. As a Trust Company client you can expect:

Client Profiles

The Trust Company manages approximately 150 accounts with total assets of more than $300 million. Our largest client is the endowment of Wheaton College. The Trust Company also manages foundation and institutional accounts, charitable remainder trusts, revocable living trusts and estates, and personal irrevocable trusts.

Investment Philosophy

Wheaton College Trust Company invests client accounts in diversified portfolios that focus on long-term total returns (income plus capital appreciation) and are consistent with each client’s risk tolerance.

Trust Company client assets are invested in two common trust funds, the Wheaton Stock Fund and the Wheaton Bond Fund. The assets of the common trust funds are managed using a combination of active and passive (indexed) investment products, including external investment advisors under the active supervision of the officers and directors of the Trust Company.

The Wheaton Stock Fund is a diversified equity common trust fund that employs a team of top-tier external investment managers with diverse and complementary strategies in an effort to generate capital appreciation over the long term. The investment objective of the portfolio is to outperform the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index.

The Wheaton Bond Fund is a common trust fund that invests in high quality taxable fixed income securities in an effort to generate a total return which includes current income and capital appreciation with moderate risk over the long term. The investment objective of the portfolio is to outperform the Barclay’s Aggregate Bond Index.

The common trust funds allow for the investment of client funds by the same team of external investment advisors with whom Wheaton College invests its own funds. The economies of this strategy make this high-level expertise affordable to all clients, and the common trust funds provide uniform investment returns for all clients at the asset class level, regardless of account size.

Fee Schedule

Annual trust administration fees for endowments, foundations, and nonprofit organizations:

Assets Under ManagementAnnual Fee (% of Asset Value)
First $10 million 0.40%
Above $10 million 0.10%

Trust administration fees exclude investment management, custody, and audit costs of the common trust funds. These costs are charged directly to the common trust funds and are netted against the funds’ investment returns. Extraordinary out-of-pocket trust expenses are not considered trust administration fees and will be charged against the trust.

All fees are billed in advance at the beginning of each calendar quarter based on the asset value of the account calculated as of the close of the last business day of the previous quarter. All fees are subject to change at any time.

Contact Us

Learn how Wheaton College Trust Company can help manage your school or ministry's investment assets. Contact us at 630.752.5332 or gift.plan@wheaton.edu for a friendly, no-obligation conversation with one of our experienced staff.