Wheaton's nationally chartered bank offers trust management services for Wheaton supporters as well as Christian nonprofits.

Wheaton College Trust Company, N.A. is a national bank chartered by the United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) and is a subsidiary of Wheaton College, governed by a Board of Directors made up of Trustees of Wheaton College and certain officers of the College.

Trust Services for Individuals

Wheaton College Trust Company, N.A., first and foremost, exists to serve as trustee of and to administer irrevocable and revocable trust instruments that ultimately benefit Wheaton College. Prior to the establishment of the Trust Company, Wheaton College served as trustee for charitable trusts and administered deferred gifts to the College. Now, as a national bank Wheaton College Trust Company, N.A. is able to offer a broader scope of trustee and administration services to the individuals and trusts that are benefiting Wheaton College through deferred or planned gifts.

Learn about the Charitable Remainder Trust

Learn about the Charitable Lead Trust

Learn about giving through a will or living trust

Trust and Endowment Services for Nonprofits

Wheaton College Trust Company also has the capacity to provide investment management and trust services to other charitable organizations seeking assistance with their institutional assets.

Learn about trust and endowment services for nonprofits

Trust and Endowment Services for Nonprofits

How do I get started?

Danielle Hilgers, Director of Gift Planning Services, is available to provide additional information about Wheaton College Trust Company. Call 630.752.5332 or email Danielle at gift.plan@wheaton.edu.

You may also contact your Regional Director of Development with questions about the Wheaton College Trust Company.