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National/International Opportunities

National Fellowship and Scholarship Opportunities

The Undergraduate Scholars initiative is happy to provide you with the list below of national opportunities for Wheaton College undergraduate and graduate students.  More information can be found using the scholarship links below.

Scholarship Opportunities with On-Campus Processes

Scholarship NameUndergrad/
Yr ApplyWheaton DeadlineCampus Contact
Barry Goldwater Scholarship Undergrad  Soph, Junior  October 1  Dr. AJ Poelerands 
Boren Fellowships  Undergrad  Senior  January 15  Dr. Laura Montgomery
Critical Language Scholarship  Undergrad  Any October 15 Dr. Laura Montgomery 
D.A.A.D. Graduate/Undergraduate Scholarships Both  Senior/Recent Grad  January 31  Dr. Clint Shaffer 
Fulbright Scholarship  Both  Soph, Junior, Senior  April 15  Dr. Laura Montgomery 
Harvey Fellows Program  Grad Senior  October 1  Dr. Jeffry Davis
Lily Graduate Fellows Program  Grad  Senior  November 1  Dr. Jeffry Davis 
Marshall Scholarship  Grad  N/A  April 10  Dr. Laura Montgomery 
Mitchell Scholarship Grad  N/A  April 10  Dr. Laura Montgomery 
Rhodes Scholarship  Grad  Senior  April 10  Dr. Laura Montgomery 
Truman Scholarship  Undergrad  Junior  December 1  Dr. Bryan McGraw 
Udall Undergraduate Scholarship  Undergrad  Soph/Jr  March 15   Dr. Chris Keil

Scholarship Opportunities without Campus Processes

Scholarship NameGrad UndergradYr(s) of Application
Carnegie Junior Fellowship Graduate Seniors
Gates Cambridge Scholarship Graduate N/A
Gilman International Scholarship Undergrad All
Hertz Foundation Fellowship Graduate Seniors
National GEM Consortium Graduate N/A
National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Graduate Seniors
Rotary International Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship Graduate Seniors
Schwarzman Scholars Program Graduate Seniors
Thomas R. Pickering Foreign Affairs Fellowship Both Juniors and Seniors