Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and Scholarships

Fellowships and Scholarships Resources for Wheaton College Students and Recent Alumni

National fellowships and scholarships are highly competitive opportunities that can provide undergraduates and recent alumni with funding for summer enrichment, self-designed projects, undergraduate support, graduate education, and postgraduate research.  

General Information

There are three main types of scholarships/fellowships:

  • Nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships

    A high (but not necessarily perfect!) GPA is an important starting point; a strong academic record is typically viewed as an indication of your ability to participate and meet a particular fellowship’s goals. In addition, your entire application should reflect that you (or your research interests) are moving in a defined direction. For many programs, the ability to apply academic knowledge to possible solutions for real-world problems helps to make you a competitive candidate.
  • Vocational scholarships/fellowships

    These scholarships, that often support graduate education, are targeted towards students pursuing a particular vocation.

  • Applicant-specific scholarships/fellowships

    Applicant-specific scholarships are awarded to candidates who both excel academically and meet specific requirements (some examples include first-generation college student, minority status, etc.).

Other Resources for Wheaton Students (Only Available On Campus)

Personalized Application Materials Organizer

This fill-able PDF is a great tool for preparing and organizing materials needed for a variety of applications.

Timeline for submitting Competitive scholarship applications

This timeline outlines the process for preparing your application.

Letter of Reference Information Sheet

This fill-able PDF is a great tool for organizing information about yourself and the scholarship for which you are applying.