Panopto Video Streaming Media Service

Panopto Video Streaming Media Service

Panopto logo Panopto Video Streaming Media Service

Once an online video is more than one or two minutes long, it taxes the processing power of one’s local computer.   Audio and video get out of sync--- longer videos must be hosted on a streaming server.

Wheaton College subscribes to Panopto’s cloud – hosted video streaming service.  It ingests, processes, and transcodes video content so that it streams smoothly online.

Click on “Panopto Video” on the left -side of your Canvas course menu to launch the tool.  The training videos you’ll need will display in your “Get Started with Panopto” folder.

Faculty may make teaching videos here:  Using the One Button Teaching Studio | The Wheaton Answers Community

You may embed the video into your Canvas course here:  How to add or embed a Video into a course in Canvas | The Wheaton Answers Community