Service Desk Technicians

Looking to get more out of your job than just a paycheck?

AIT Service Desk Student Technicians, or “StuTechs,” are the team of student employees that keep Wheaton’s technology up and running by providing tech support over phone, email, and our walk-in service desk. We also oversee and maintain a large inventory of technology resources that can be checked out for college purposes.

Reasons to apply:

  • We offer a training program geared toward developing marketable skills, including technical, computing, and interpersonal communication skills
  • You can expect steady employment throughout your Wheaton experience (including over the summer if you are in the area)
  • You will develop relationships with the StuTech team and other members of the campus community
  • We offer summer employment opportunities
  • This job looks great on a resume

You should apply if:

You are detail-oriented, hardworking, and reliable

You enjoy answering questions, learning new skills, and interacting with others

You would like to work regular hours

You are not afraid of technology (We are years from the robot apocalypse, and some of the skills you learn with us could help prevent it.)


Must be a currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student at Wheaton

Must be able to work for at least two school years

Must be able to work at least 8 hours per week

Must be comfortable interacting over the phone

Prior customer service or technology experience is helpful but not necessary


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