Wheaton Off Campus Programs

Wheaton Off Campus Programs 




2-Week Courses Available NO YES: Two, two-week sessions offered
4-Week Courses Available YES: Two, four-week sessions offered NO
Pre-and-Post Intensive Work Required NO YES
Courses Offered Science Major, SIP, SP, and Advanced Integrative Seminar (AIS) Options Shared Core, Thematic Core, and Advanced Integrative Seminar (AIS) Options
Grades and Credits Included on Wheaton Transcripts YES YES
Tuition, Room, and Board Cost Summer Tuition Rate + Weekly Room and Board Summer Tuition Rate + Weekly Room and Board
Transportation Provided Low-cost caravan travel available (Leaves from, and returns back to, the main Wheaton Campus.) Low-Cost Coach bus available from (Leaves from, and returns back to, the main Wheaton Campus.)
Housing Dorm style rooms with bunk bed, 4-6 roommates, and a general shower room. Gendered cabins with bunk beds, 8-10 roommates, and a modern bathroom.
Scheduled Class Times 8:30 am to 5:00 pm*, Monday through Friday. *ASTR 301 meets during observational times. **Many classes have outdoor components or day-long outdoor field observations. 8:00 am to Noon, Monday through Friday. Your professor will also schedule four additional two-hour sessions during the two-week session.
Applications Open Until April deadline. See website for details. May 1 Deadline. Visit website for details.

Wheaton offers two off campus programs within the United States: Wheaton in the Black Hills and Wheaton in the North Woods (as known as WIN and/or HoneyRock). 

  • Wheaton in the Black Hills offers two, four-week sessions.
    • These courses do not require pre- or post-intensive readings or assignment submissions.
    • Wheaton in the Black Hills courses fulfill core and science related requirements.
    • Please see the Black Hills site for current course offerings.

  • Wheaton in the North Woods (HoneyRock) offers two, two-week sessions.
    • Many of the courses offered fulfill Christ at the Core requirements.
    • WIN courses require pre- and post-intensive reading and assignment submissions. Students who plan on pursuing internships after attending WIN courses should plan their schedules accordingly.

Please see program links for tuition costs and living accommodations.

Grades and credit from both off campus programs will be included on student transcripts.

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