Collaborative Training Projects

The Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative fosters many innovative, collaborative research projects. 

Wheaton College IL Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative Students and Faculty

Current Core Collaborative Training Projects

  • The Good Neighbor Project seeks to understand how to promote Christians’ prosocial beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that are consistent with Biblical callings for multiculturalism, social justice, and peace.
  • Lived Experiences seeks to understand how participating in The Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative impacts ourselves.
  • Multicultural Clinical Judgment seeks to understand how cultural issues impact the clinical diagnostic process.

Additional Collaborative Projects

  • Intercultural Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Peace seeks to understand the barriers and facilitators of intergroup peace among various cultural groups.
  • The Self-Forgiveness Project seeks to understand the why, how, and should of self-forgiveness in various contexts, including multicultural conflict situations.
  • Moral Injury Project seeks to understand the experience and processes of moral injury in violent contexts.
  • BRIDGES seeks to study a church-based intervention that promotes multiculturalism, social justice, and peace between two cultural groups.
  • Oral Histories for Social Action seeks to document and preserve the oral histories of groups, organizations, and/or individuals devoted to promoting the overall wellbeing of Native Hawaiians. 
  • Peace Content Analysis seeks to understand the ways in which peace psychologists are using community-based participatory action research.
  • Multiculturalism, Social Justice and Peace Content Analysis seeks to understand how Christian psychologists, counselors, and mental health workers are publishing in the areas of multiculturalism, social justice, and peace.

Future Collaborative Projects

Your Project! Many additional projects are possible that explore some combination of theology, science, and practice intersecting with multiculturalism, social justice, and peace. You can join or create collaborative projects depending on your level of training and experience in research and scholarship. Ideally students with little or no experience will begin by collaborating on our main training projects and then develop their own project as they progress in their foundational and functional competencies. Co-directors and upper level students provide mentorship to empower beginning-level students’ deepening sense of agency to equip them to engage in their own research in a meaningful manner. We are looking forward to you joining!

You will be equipped with the necessary foundational and functional competences of a multicultural-social justice-peace oriented scholar-practitioner.

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