About the Collaborative Research Experience

Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative

Our carefully cultivated community research experience means that the Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative stands apart from traditional research labs in some significant ways.

Developing a Multicultural Ecology

In the Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative, we aim to develop ourselves holistically in a multicultural ecology in which we develop not just our knowing and doing but also our very being. To do this, we intentionally cultivate diversity and inclusion in the collaborative so there are many surface (e.g., race, gender) and deep-level (e.g., training level, career goals) diversities present that provide intellectual and interactional diversity.

Wheaton College Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative Student group

Cultivating an Extended Scholarly Family

In our collaborative research training environment, we aspire to see each other as “an extended scholarly family/Jiārén/famiglia/familia/ohana…” that meets collectively each week during the academic year to develop our intellect, identity, and skills through diverse learning strategies, including formal lecture, interactional mentorship, and experiential learning. 

After these large group gatherings, we then break out into smaller taskforces that are working on various collaborative projects together. Additional in-person and online collaboration occurs throughout the year. 

Promoting Mutual Personal and Relational Development

We not only collectively work together but we also promote each other’s personal and relational development. Overall, we intentionally create a training environment that reflects our purpose, vision, mission, and desired impact by embodying our values in the processes of our shared work.

Adopting a Professional Role-Orientation

Wheaton College IL Multicultural Peace and Justice Collaborative Faculty and Student interactionWe see ourselves as increasingly moving away from a “given task-orientation” and further adopting a “professional role-orientation” in our collaborative work. Toward that aim, we have core collaborative training projects, and students often additionally move into creating their own projects along with co-directors and/or other students. In turn, these more advanced students then mentor beginning-level students in additional collaborations.

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