Links and Resources


Law School Admission Council >>
The Law School Admission Council is the intermediary between law school applicants and law schools. This site will allow you to register for the LSAT and subscribe to CAS. This site contains links to accredited law schools and the ABA/LSAC Guide to U.S. Law Schools, which includes information about every accredited law school and a law school admissions calculator that helps you understand your stretch, competitive and safety schools based on your GPA and LSAT score. 

This site provides information on all aspects of applying to Law School and financing a legal education. >>
This site is a free database of user-supplied law school applicant information to help other law school applicants determine their chances of admission.

Boston College Law School Locator >>
This site allows you to determine at which law schools you will be a competitive candidate based on your GPA and LSAT score. The locator lists the 25th to 75th percentile LSAT scores for all accredited law schools.  

PreLawInsider >>
This site is sponsored by Crittenden Magazines, which publishes a magazine for pre-law advisors. This site contains news and articles about law schools and law schools admissions and has a searchable database of law schools.  

Deloggio Admissions Achievement Program >>
Loretta Deloggio is a law school admissions consultant. Listing her site is not an endorsement of her services, but she provides a lot of good, free content on all aspects of applying to law school. 

Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction >> 
This site contains free podcasts of lectures by professors at law schools across the country. All that is required to access the lectures is Internet access and free audio player software such as QuickTime or Windows Media Player.  

Council on Legal Education Opportunity >> This site provides information on the American Bar Association’s program to assist economically and educationally disadvantaged individuals who experience difficulty in gaining admission to law school.    

LSAT Preparation Services

There are a number of LSAT preparation service providers, and this listing is neither complete nor an endorsement: 

Kaplan >>

Princeton Review >>

LSAT Blog >>
Steve Schwartz is a professional LSAT tutor. Listing the site is not an endorsement of his services, but he provides a lot of good, free content on the LSAT.

PowerScore >>

LSAT Practice Test >> 
At the core of LSAT prep is taking practice tests.  The LSAC has compiled books of prior tests that are sold on Amazon and other online outlets and offers one for free at this site. 

Financial Aid

U.S. Department of Education >> 
This site provides general information on federal financial aid as well as specifics on loan, grant, work-study, and other programs.   

Free Application for Federal Student Aid >> 
The FAFSA form is required by virtually all law schools and federal aid programs and can be downloaded at this site >>. 

Access Group >>
The site for this nonprofit educational lender describes a number of graduate school loan programs.

Finaid >> 
The site for this nonprofit organization contains a wealth of financial aid information.

Legal Careers

Martindale-Hubbell Legal Network >> 
Martindale-Hubbell® is a directory that contains information on over a million lawyers and law firms in 160 countries. This site contains a searchable database (including by city, state, or country and by area of practice) that can be used to locate lawyers and law firms for internships and paralegal positions.

Job Listings for Paralegal Jobs >>
Job listings for paralegal jobs from LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell's® Carer Center is the one-stop employment resource for individuals to find legal jobs in local areas. 

Christian Legal Society >> 
The Christian Legal Society (CLS) is a national grassroots network of lawyers and law students committed to proclaiming, loving and serving Jesus Christ through the practice of law. The CLS has 3,400 members in all fifty states and ten foreign countries organized into more than ninety local attorney chapters and 165 law student ministries chapters.

American Bar Association >> 
See the pre-law section >>.   

National Association for Law Placement >>
This site provides information on employment trends in the legal profession, salary surveys, legal recruiting activities, etc. 

National Federation of Paralegal Associations >>
This site provides information on paralegal programs and job postings.   

General Legal Resources   

Findlaw >> 
A comprehensive site for legal information ranging from federal and state statutes and judicial opinions to legal news and commentary. The quick link to "Law Students" includes pre-law resources.   

Hieros Gamos >>
This site provides links to websites for law schools, law firms, bar associations, legal journals, and other law related topics in five different languages.    

PublicLegal >>
Comprehensive site with thousands of links to legal websites of every kind. Includes links to websites on law schools, LSAT preparation, law school application strategies, and pre-law materials from various colleges.