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Joe Tavares

Intern at the Mayor's Office, Pristina, Kosovo

Joe Tavares spent his summer working in The Republic of Kosovo, a small country in South Eastern Europe that only recently gained independence in 2008. Joe worked for the Mayor’s Office and learned the importance of political policies first hand.Joe and his boss

 “As I studied the different political and institutional barriers to business growth in Kosovo, I not only encountered concepts from class but was also forced to learn more in order to be able to understand some documents. The research I did for my internship changed my understanding of politics by emphasizing not only the characteristics of the legal system but also how the laws are implemented. While laws may be constructed properly, if they are not applied well they may have undesired consequences. In some ways, Kosovo’s laws are adequate to promote business development. However, the institutions charged with enforcing or enacting these laws are not performing acceptably in some cases, which is why better business development is lacking.”