Lyndi Tsering

Intern at the US Department of State's East Asian Bureau, Washington, DC.

Lyndi spent a summer interning at the U.S. Department of State headquarters in Washington, D.C., which runs the foreign policy and diplomatic affairs of the United States. The Department offers both an international and domestic internship program for budding foreign policymakers who want to experience the inner workings of one of the biggest diplomatic arms in the world. During her tenure with a regional bureau, Lyndi participated in the daily functions of a foreign or civil service officer including attending diplomatic meetings, drafting reports, gathering news updates on the countries of focus, organizing and participating in events, and receiving career development opportunities

"Interning at the Department of State's East Asian Bureau gave me the chance to put the theories I had learned about at Wheaton into practice and to see the depth of complexity in the international issues I had prior only experienced in the news. Getting the chance to see what it would be like to actually work for the government, on policy in my region of focus, confirmed my passion for entering into the public sector policy-making space in the future. The skills I gained, including how to network and learn from others, how to write concisely, and how to approach international issues from an analytical perspective the interests of others involved equipped me well to enter into other internships and graduate school today."