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Grace Pyo

Intern at The Heritage Foundation, Washington D.C.

Grace Pyo spent a semester interning with The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. The Heritage Foundation internship program is a well-structured, thorough program that provides exposure to policy topics ranging from environmental policy to education. In addition to the responsibilities given from specific departments, interns have conversations with their employers about professional development and training on navigating the DC culture-- things as simple as knowing the protocol for responding to e-mails and to interacting with your supervisor.Four Students at the CATO Institute

“Some of the most valuable learning took place during informal conversations with the policy experts. One of the advantages of interning at a think tank is that the professionals there have policy knowledge that comes from real experience. There was a former ambassador on staff, and one of the senior fellows in my department had worked with the CIA and the Department of State. Speaking with these experts and learning about their life experiences gave me clarity on the different career paths available. It was also inspiring to interact with people that are passionate about their areas of expertise.”