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Apply for Physics Merit Scholarship

Application Details

The physics merit scholarship is awarded annually to up to four students, typically one in each of the four classes (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior). The scholarship is intended to encourage students who plan to go on to a career in physics after graduating from Wheaton. To apply for this scholarship, please compose a 1-2 page essay that addresses the following questions:

1. Why have you decided (or planned) to major in physics?

2. What extracurricular or service activities have you been involved in that relate to physics or technology (clubs, competitions, etc.)?

3. Describe any physics research or internship experiences you have had.

4. What are your anticipated career plans after you graduate from Wheaton?

 Please send your essay by email attachment to office coordinator, mary.carrington@wheaton.edu no later than February 28th, 2022. For questions and more information about the scholarship contact Dr. A.J. Poelarends aj.poelarends@wheaton.edu or Dr. Jim Schroeder jim.schroeder@wheaton.edu